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Superheroine 3D

This is one of the best 3d titles I have ever seen. It is also a great superheroine costume flick. It features four scenes that make the most of both the 3d technology and the obvious cos-play fantasy. Lexi Belle plays Supergirl in the first scene.

Batgirl XXX An Extreme Comixxx Parody

Batgirl is one of my favorite comic book fantasy women. Something about that purple suit from the 60’s TV show has always stuck with me. The idea of seeing the plucky caped crusader fucked stupid has always been great fantasy material. Sunny Lane plays Batgirl and that’s another great reason to watch this movie. She has a great body and fills the hot Batgirl suit perfectly with her natural curves and adorable backside. Sunny is great in this role and would be perfect for a series of sequels if she hadn’t split the industry.

17 Nightmoves Awards Nominations for Sinister X Syndicate

Nightmoves announced nominations for the upcoming 20th Anniversary of their Nightmoves Awards, and members of Sinister X Syndicate have amassed a whopping 17 nominations. As Sinister X Syndicate looks to release its first feature under the new company banner, Birds of Prey XXX in the next two weeks, Syndicate soldiers’ past work has been honored and appreciated with the announced nominations

The Syndicate Invades Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con to be infiltrated by Sinister X Syndicate in a black ops mission of publicity, promotion and brand disbursement, as pornography’s leading force in super hero super smut makes their presence felt at the industries leading place for fans, vendors, collectors and connoisseurs of all things geek, sheik and nerd culture cool.

Sinster X Offering Free T Shirt with Birds of Prey

Gotham is in danger, and the Birds of Prey are on the scene to save the day. The debut parody from award winning, Hall of Fame director Sinister X’s new Sinister Comixxx line, Birds of Prey XXX, a Sinister Comixxx Parody puts the girls first, followed by hot action.

Antigua Pictures To Handle All Foreign and Cable Distribution

In an effort to expose the world to the Sinister X Syndicate brand and products, Sinister X has signed on with industry powerhouse Antigua Pictures, to handle all foreign and cable distribution, expanding the Syndicate’s global reach to new found proportions.

OPEN CASTING! Who Will Play Huntress?!

Sinister X Syndicate is looking for a starlet to fill the final costume and become one of the company’s feature performers, in an open casting call to play Huntress for the new Birds of Prey, and for the upcoming Comic-Con convention.

Lacie James To Play Zatanna in justice league 3DX

Sinister X Syndicate has been leaking their new stars for the upcoming blockbuster Justice League 3DX all week, and heading into the weekend they reveal another new starlet, as Lacie James has been confirmed to play the magical Zatanna.

Black’s Birds of Prey to Feature Wheelchair Bound Barbara Gordon

Rob Black is no stranger to movies that capture the audience and are, dare we say it, occasionally controversial. No doubt his latest effort “Birds of Prey XXX” will do the former and probably garner a bit of the latter as well.

Ironman XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody

This latest effort from Extreme Comixxx and Sinister X takes on Ironman with a healthy dose of the Hulk thrown in for good measure. It’s another high end super hero parody with good action scenes, pretty solid special effects and a killer costume. Seth Gamble plays Tony Stark, a spoiled, rich genius who spends most of his time drunk, dying or in his Ironman suit.

Extreme Comixxx Unveils Box Art for Super Heroine 3D

ith its new site recently launched and the movie’s anticipated release getting closer, Extreme Comixxx has revealed the box cover for “Super Heroine 3D” and it highlights the sexy starlets in all their super heroine splendor.

Extreme Comixxx Launches SuperHeroine3d.com

Lurking from around the shadow ridden corners of the lewd, crude under belly of adult entertainment; mastermind, mega director Sinister X returns with his latest super cinematic porno parody masterpiece, Super Heroine 3D.

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