Superheroine 3D

Superheroines 3d

122 Mins
Extreme Comixxx
DIRECTOR: Sinister X
THEMES: Super Heroines, 3d Porn, Cos Play, Solo Sex, POV,
STARS: Lexi Belle, Alexis Texas, Chanel Preston, Lizzy Borden


This is one of the best 3d titles I have ever seen. It is also a great superheroine costume flick. It features four scenes that make the most of both the 3d technology and the obvious cos-play fantasy. Lexi Belle plays Supergirl in the first scene. In addition to some hot tease, we get a little story played out. Supergirl comes to the rescue and then as an added bonus, fucks and sucks the lucky guy she rescued. The costume appeal is high and the sex is perfect in this scene. Alexis Texas follows that one with a great 3d boff. Less story and costume play here, but the snowflakes make for great visuals and any POV fuck with Alexis is bound to provide a ton of hot ass footage. Chanel Preston shows off her long legs and perfect tits in the third and final boy/girl scene. Lizzy Borden shows up for a really hot solo scene. She’s listed as Batgirl, but Is dressed as Catwoman for a hot solo scene that includes a whip, candle wax and her awesome curves. If you like heroines and comic book sex, the scenes here will play right into your wheelhouse. Add some well done 3d action and you have a unique and must-see DVD.

Lexi Belle

Sexy Lexi Belle is Supergirl. Her scene starts out with some sexy solo tease. The background and her bright uniform make for really good contrast for the 3d fun. She slips her bottoms aside and slides two fingers into her pussy. The close up shots aren’t quite as good for 3d, but they are hot nonetheless. Lexi breaks out a dildo, bends over and rams it into her tight pussy. Nice close up shots as she strokes in and out. The costume, boots and hot solo is enough to get us started. When the scene begins, it is a little POV comic book adventure with Rob Black and a friend beating up a bound “Jimmy.” The joke is on them when Supergirl shows up to save the day. This part of the scene is really great for the 3d. After she dispense of the baddies, Lexi craws up on Jimmy and starts sucking his cock. Hey, that’s what I call a real rescue. Great looking POV with lots of eye contact from Lexi. The 3d is still good, but now we are just getting to enjoy some hot costumed oral sex from Lexi. She turns around and looks over her shoulder, working her hips and fucking every inches of his cock. The smile on her face is totally sexy and her costume is just barely pulled aside for full costume fantasy appeal. Spinning around for cowgirl she shows off the front of the uniform and her boots. If you dig Supergirl sex, this is 3d POV perfection. They finally strip her to just her cape and boots for some high angle doggy. I love the way she spreads her cheeks and pushes back on his dick. After some great looking mish, Lexi gets down on the floor and double fists the cock until it explodes all over her pretty face. This first scene is just fantastic.

Alexis Texas

As Emma Frost, Alexis Texas dances with light snow falling around her. This makes for perfect 3d stuff and really ads a lot to the tease footage. Of course her big beautiful ass is really the star of the show. She pulls her costume aside and rubs her pussy with gloved fingers, licking them clean when she gets them sticky. There is no story this time. Instead she just drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. Nothing wrong with that of course. The stark white and snowflakes make for decent 3d fun and the sexual heat is very, very high. After a fair round of oral, she gets into mish and lets him fuck her hot twat. I love the shots of her legs straight up in the air. But of course, as soon as Alexis rolls over, her ass steals the show. Great doggy POV here as she pushes back and really gets into show us what she’s got. I’m not feeling the costume appeal as much from this scene, but watching Alexis squat fuck in cowgirl and reverse is more than enough reason to keep us clued to the screen. The cumshot comes with Alexis on her back and her mouth wide open. I liked the sex in this scene a lot, but the cosplay appeal was higher in the opener.

Chanel Preston

Before her sex, Chanel (As Zatana) puts on a little magic show. It’s really just an excuse for her to toss some things at the camera and show off the 3d again. Lots and lots of fun here, but when she calls up a guy from the audience, the real magic happens. She starts by making his cock disappear into her mouth. Great looking oral as she puts both hands on his dick and goes way down. For her next trick she mounts up in reverse cowgirl and pumps her hips. The fishnets are nice, but the costume appeal is less appealing than the pure sex. I really like the cowgirl footage here. Chanel spreads her ass wide open and shows off that tight hole while riding. I really love her backside, but the mish footage seems to be the best. We get to watch from high above as she takes cock and shakes her big tits for the camera. They flip her head around again for the pop. Lovely finish from a great performer.

Lizzy Borden

As Batgirl (but looking and acting very much like Catwoman) Lizzy Borden performs a stunning solo scene. Surrounded by candles, she uses her ship to really play up the 3d. This is super high costume appeal. I’m sorry, I know it says Batgirl, but she’s licking her gloves and has the cat eyes cut out of her mask. Teasing herself with her whip, she rubs the crotch of her suit and sucks it like a hard cock. Great fully clothes tease footage here. Lizzy breaks out the candles and drips wax all over her big firm tits. Great show here and certainly some naughty fetish appeal as she does the whole candle wax on the face and costume routine. Lizzy’s pants finally tear enough for her to reach her fingers into her pussy. She bends over, showing off her ass while she fucks herself from behind. This is really hot super heroine costume play with a ton of 3d appeal. Great to see Lizzy back and looking so hot.

Bonus: Trailers, Photo Gallery, BTS (Two reels)

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