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Four New Writers to Read

As some of you have already noticed, I have been slowly adding new writers to the roster. One of the best things about the new site design is the relative ease with which I can have writers other than myself contribute to the site. Not that you ever tired of reading my work I’m sure (cough, cough) but it is my hope that new voices can add fresh perspectives to the site and cover adult entertainment from a perspective that is different from my own.

Reader Email: Deep Thought on Porn

I got this very interesting email in response to my open questions about long term effects on couples who watch porn.

Schedule Change on RadioDentata.com Rog’s GPS now also on Wed. Night

Starting tonight, my show on RadioDentata.com will be added to the Wed night lineup. A rebroadcast of show will air at 8pm ET each week. Tune in tonight for my First Amendment rant about Fred Phelps and his funeral protests.

2009 RogReviews Critic’s Choice Awards: Winners Announced Tonight

Tonight on RadioDentata.com I will be revealing the winners of the 2009 RRCC Awards. Tune in to hear the results.

Today on Radio Dentata: RRCC Nominations Revealed

Both shows are on RadioDentata.com tonight. On Rog’s GPS, the Critic’s Choice Nominees will be revealed.

Today on Radio Dentata: Two Shows

Tonight on Radio Dentata, listen to Rog’s GPS and 2 Guys Talking Guy Stuff with Rog and Boob Dan.

Today on Radio Dentata: Rog’s GPS

Today’s GPS will feature reviews, news and reader questions.

Today on Radio Dentata: AVN Awards Recap

Today’s Rog’s GPS will cover a wrap up of the AVN Awards

Radio Dentata Tonight: Rog’s Generic Porn Show

On this week’s episode of Rog’s GPS, we talk about the recent AEE. How was the show? Who were the hot girls? What are the new trends? And who was that girl giving a blowjob on the floor?

Radio Dentata Tonight: Rog & Dan at 6pm ET

Tonight’s 2 Guys Talking About Guy Stuff will feature Dan’s big boob porn recommendations and other guy oriented topics. Tune into Radio Dentata and listen.

Check out Teen Power!!

My New Show (With Boob Dan) Debuts Tonight on RadioDentata.com

2 Guys Talking About Guy Stuff debuts tonight on Radio Dentata. Tune in to listen to Boob Dan and I discuss all things guy related.

I’m Hosting (& Co-Hosting) 2 New Shows on RadioDentata.com

RadioDentata.com has put me on the schedule for a pair of new shows. Rog’s GPS (Porn Reviews & News) and 2 Guys Arguing Over Guy stuff with myself and Boob Dan

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