Four New Writers to Read

New Writers to Look For

As some of you have already noticed, I have been slowly adding new writers to the roster. One of the best things about the new site design is the relative ease with which I can have writers other than myself contribute to the site. Not that you ever tired of reading my work I’m sure (cough, cough) but it is my hope that new voices can add fresh perspectives to the site and cover adult entertainment from a perspective that is different from my own. I hope you will enjoy their work and give them feedback so that they know you are reading and continue to grow as writers and contributors.

The first name on our new list of contributors is one you all know. The one and only Aurora Snow has written pieces for this for several years. She was a regular guest blogger back in the days when I used to actually take vacations and she has been doing toy reviews for a while now. Her contributions to the California Exotic Novelties Sexpert Program has been fantastic. (All of the toy reviewers on the site are part of that great program.) For now Aurora is focusing on toy reviews for this site while she gets ready to re-launch her own site and continues both adult and mainstream projects. There are several recent toy reviews from Aurora including her take on Cal Exotic’s Mr. Just Right Super Seven. Check it out and let Aurora know what you think of her toy reviews. I believe she is also open to custom videos including the toys the reviews so you may want to check that out as well.

Our newest DVD review is Holden Cockfield (Fantastic name) and he has already contributed a number of reviews that will be featured this month. The first one, for Adam & Eve’s A Girl’s Best Friend 3: 2 Girls 2 Vibes is currently up. Look for a new Holden DVD review about every four days in November.

The other two new writers will focus primarily on gay movies and toys. One of the things I was looking for when we did the re-design was a way to reach out to readers interested in gay titles. To properly cover those movies and toys I needed to find people who are passionate about the products and understand the needs of the market. In other words, they had to really did gay porn. I have found two such writers and am happy to have them on board. The first gentleman is Jayson. Some of you may have heard of his Cock2Go show over on Radio Dentata. If you haven’t, then check it out. He is very funny and his coverage of the gay side of the industry (and other topics) is fantastic. You can see why he’s the Go2Gay on my two Dentata shows. His first toy review is up and you read his take on Cal Exotic’s His Miracle Massager.

Last but not least is Ron Riggins, nomme de plume for a reader turned reviewer who will debut this week. Ron is a civilian who has been asking to see more gay and TS reviews on the site for a while now. Now thanks to his reviews, he and others looking for tranny porn will get their wish. He may also slip in a straight review once in a while because he says he really likes hetero guys who remind him of his buddies who apparently have no idea he’s gay. Look for Ron’s first review this week.

Thanks to all four new writers and I invite you all read their work and comment freely.

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