Just Bored

OK, it’s not done. I still have my AEE report and pictures to finish plus some interviews, but hey….
I am mostly done and it feels good to be bored for a bit.

Some random stuff….

Super Bowl…yawn. Go Pats, but…well go Pats. I will watch only a bit as there will be a house full of people to entertain. Bold prediction….New England 24- Carolina 13.

I wonder how far out our mini-season tix will be now that that Angels signed Vlad? Bold prediction #2. Angels win the AL West by 9 games.

I have 8th row tix to see the Celts play the Clippers. That should make up for not going to Oakland this year to see them. Bold prediction #3: Even though I’ve never seen the Celts lose to the Clips, this will be the year. Yikes.

Speaking of trips. Does anyone know if there are any other cable shows in NYC like Naked New York. (Which I hear is off the air though their site is still up.) If not NYC, somewhere else? Boston maybe….ha. I really want to take another trip back there.

I’m toying with the idea of combining the VHS/DVD reviews into one standardized review type. Anyone have any thoughts on this? What rating scale I should use, what grades should be included? Added? Dropped? Until I decide on this I am going to move from a 20/20 spilt of DVD/VHS per month to a 25/15 favoring DVD. (Two of the major companies who supply me with screeners have stopped sending VHS so if I keep it at 20, the choices for VHS reviews will be limited.) Bold prediction #4: Very few of you even care about VHS any more.

I made some good contacts in Vegas and we are now going to be able to review more gay and bi titles over at DVD Porn Reviews. If anyone is interested in joining the staff to review, let me know or send me a sample.

Anyone care to guess which Democratic campaigns have been in contact already this year? I don’t think I will be working for them though. I’m pretty busy and although I have not gone through all of the required reading, I haven’t found of them with a plan I could vote for. Bold prediction #5: Someone will write in with a laundry list (Taken from other web sites or mass mailing) telling me why Bush-sucks. Before you do, remember, I said I can’t find anyone to vote FOR yet. Not against, for.

I may however jump on the Replace Chenny bandwagon. He and Mr. Ashcroft can move along now. How about Rudy? Or better yet, Zel Miller.

My favorite site, www.moveon.org (There is nothing funnier than whiny billionaires funding whinier hippies.) is bitching about not being allowed to put their little student films on during the Super Bowl. The last thing anyone wants to do during the Super Bowl, 9 full months before the freaking election, is to watch political ads. I wonder…..if the shoe was on the other foot….never mind. I keep forgetting that hypocrites don’t like to have the mirror held up to their faces. Perhaps I’ll just Move On……Bold Prediction #7. Someone will write in explaining how unfair it is that these ads (Funded by the same special interest billionaires you bitch about.) are just grass-roots efforts and shouldn’t be censored.

Speaking of moving on….does anyone else wonder if Al Gore’s quick backing of Howard Dean and Dean’s total tank so far may send the former VP out to pasture for good? Did he back the wrong horse? Does he really think like Dean? hmmmm, does anyone really care? Bold prediction #8- Yeah, Gore’s mis-reading of his own party will cool whatever slim chance he had of making a serious run in 2008.

All right, I have a Devon inteview to get to, Jules Jodan movies to watch (With Tiffany Mynx no less) and there is a Cold Stone creation with my name on it just waiting. See you soon and in the meantime, weigh in at will.

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