Secrets Exposed


Secrets Exposed


86 Mins.

DIRECTOR: James DiGiorgio

Smash Pictures

THEMES: Models, Big Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Cytherea, Gia Paloma, Joelean, Keiko, Dominca Leoni, Sinai, Brian Heston, Rod Fontana, Tony Sexton & Dave Pounder.


I like the little touches Jimmy D puts on his features and a lot of those same things show up in these vignette flicks he shoots for Smash. He knows enough to keep things simple so that his actors can handle the lines during the set ups. His sex scenes can be really good and since he has a great cast in this one, I would imagine that we are in for something pretty good. Cytherea seems like she could be this year’s Taylor Rain, Dominica Leoni is a reliable Euro-babe and Keiko is a new girl with a lot going for her.

Cytherea leads things off as a brand new model. She is a little nervous as the guy snaps pictures of her and her clothes start coming off. He is totally impressed by her young, natural body. Cytherea does a good job of acting shy and the tease factor is great as she poses. Apparently modeling turns her on and when the photographer takes a break, she is happy to have him lick between her thighs. He spends a lot of time down there, but we are all waiting to see this pretty brunette with her mouth full of meat. She does a great job keeping it wet and working her hands to match the strokes with her lips. I could watch this all day, but she has a horny pussy that needs to be filled. Reverse cowgirl is great looking and her energy is very solid. Her body looks even better with her knees pushed up against her chest. He finishes her off with a solid round of doggy and a great shot in her pretty mouth. Cytherea talks with her mouth full, smiling up at the guy with cream dripping from her lips.

Gia Paloma is really happy with her new personal trainer. He has helped her loose a lot of weight with a special workout program. Rod has her on the treadmill and helps her out of her clothes slowly. Gia has some extra meat on her bones, but that just leaves plenty of fun places for Rod to put his hands. He bends her over and slips his cock inside of her pussy, working Gia pretty hard. They make good use of the exercise equipment, positioning Gia for some pussy lapping before she rides Rod’s rod. We get some nice shots of her boobs from this angle. Gia does some good sucking in between positions and Rod makes sure that her thick ass is on display as she rides. He gives her a high protein lunch and then puts her right back to work.

Jolean is a blonde who likes it when her husband goes out of town. While hubby is away, she likes to play sex games with her fuck buddy. He comes over and pretends to be a peeping tom, watching her through the window as she gets undressed. As she lies on the bed pretending to sleep, he makes his way into the bedroom and starts licking her body. She continues to pretend to be asleep as he strips down and slips his cock into her mouth. For someone who is supposed to be out, Jolean sure sucks a mean dick. When she does finally wake up, she gives some nice eye contact as she teases his head with her tongue. Using the cock she has found, Jolean mounts the stranger and slips fingers into her twat along with his meat. Her long ride ends and she rolls onto her back so he can slam away for a while. There is some really nice doggy followed by a facial shot that is especially good because of her post-pop clean up.

Keiko is a very cute girl who I met in Vegas this month. (Met? Well she got down and dry-blew my crotch which was nice.) She is typing a letter describing her useless assistant Dominica Leoni. Actually she isn’t totally useless. She is a horrible assistant, but she knows how to keep her job. Giving Keiko a lot of attention, Dominca shows how much fun it can be to have a sexy girl working for you. She starts with a shoulder rub and slowly progressed down Keiko’s body until her hands come to a stop inside the boss’ panties. The action is slow and gentle, picking up steam when Dominca uses a thin vibe on Keiko’s taste box. Though she has said at least twice that she is not a lesbian, Keiko returns the favor, working Dominica’s pussy between her fingers and chowing down on her full lips.

Sinai has a thing for her boss, Dave Pounder. One night after work, he shows her his appreciation and his prick. She takes the lead, yanking him on top of her so that he can strip her down and start licking. The action is rather low-energy and even her blowjob is a little sterile. With no eye contact, she never really connects with the audience. Dave has a good time banging her bald beaver for a while, but this one never does live up to the heat shown in earlier scenes. There is a good load shot onto her tongue, but I think it’s too late to save this one.

This is a pretty serviceable stroke flick with interesting enough set ups and a cast that works more often than not. The last scene left me a little cold, but there were some others that really held my interest. Cytherea looks really good and has nice energy in the opening scene. I would like to see Keiko work with some hard dick, but she manages to make the girl/girl scene entertaining. A few of the girls didn’t do it for me and the last scene is a little flat, but there is more good here than bad.

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