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I have waited an awfully long time to interview adult superstar Dee. This year I finally got my chance and it was worth the wait. We talked at length about the projects she is directing for Sinsational, covered her carrer as a performer, her place in history as one of the Latin queens of porn (No folks, she is not black or Asian) and I even got her to talk dirty to me in Spanish. I think I’m in love folks.

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Okay, so this is really exciting. I have been madly in lust with this person for more years than you would believe.

Right! (She laughs)

Tell everyone who I’m talking about.

This is Dee.

The one and only Dee.

Oh, the one and only Dee!

That’s right. Now, we’ll get into your history in just a bit. You are directing now.


Let’s talk about that.

I’m directing for Sinsation Pictures. And I’m also their producer and I guess you could say that I’m also their representative for the company when it comes to dealing with the talent and the outside sources.

And how did that come about?

I was helping a director for one of the movies that they were shooting. At the time Paul and I had a relationship and I offered him a deal for me to direct. He liked it and thought the deal was great, so it went from there. Also they figured that because I can talk to the girls and had been talent, I know how to deal with them and get them to deal signings and stuff, because he’s not that hands-on.

Do you think the fact that you were a performer has helped you as a director?

Yes, and no. I’ve learned that it has helped because I understand not to put talent in compromising positions that I know they can’t deal with. If I can’t do it, I’m not going to make them do it. But it also has hindered me, because I’m too lenient when it comes to certain things, and that’s not good.

But you can learn, right? You can get tougher.

It’s helped me understand where were coming from behind the set. It’s also I have to be strict.

Now when you were performing, do you think you would have responded better to a female director who had also been a performer instead of just some guy with a camera?

Yeah, I actually responded well to Skye Blue. She was also a performer and she’s the only person I could say yes to, because she’s one of the biggest cross-overs we’ve had. When Skye asked something of me, I knew I could do it because she’s been talent. She wouldn’t ask me to do something that she wouldn’t do.

Now what are the movies you’ve directed for Sinsation?

MILFs Night Out, Bookie Nights, Tru Lies and we’re in the process of doing a movie called Bedazzled.

Now >MILFs Night Out was Kristal Summers, right?


Very, very beautiful woman.

Yes, oh my God, yes.

So it must have been fun to shoot her?

Yes. It was funny because Paul and I had never met her before. It was funny because I told him I had the perfect girl and he said ‘Okay.’ Then we walked on set and saw her, and he asked me, ‘Who’s that?’ I told him that was Kristal and he said ‘Really?’ I’m like, ‘Yes!’ And he said, ‘Okay,’ and ever since then they’ve had a really great relationship.

If someone hasn’t seen any of your movies and they can only pick one to rent today, which one should it be?

Exposed by Michael Ninn.


It’s my favorite one.

I remember you did that movie. He did a lot of beautiful movies. You did a lot of gonzo stuff, beauty was not the central focus, more about the hard sex. Anybody who’s seen you knows you can get busy.


You’re also gorgeous. We’ll take pictures. Anybody who hasn’t seen Dee, check Dee out. Dee’s just hot. That was the first time that somebody really took a movie and shot it that way?


The focus was on total beauty.

For me, Michael and Blake take their time to shoot what beauty is. I know a lot of people like the hard-core porn and I understand why, but sometimes people forget the beauty behind it. Sex is great, the quickie hardcore wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am but you have to understand that there’s beauty behind that. For me, it’s a foreplay of the mind and people forget that, that’s why Michael and Blake shoot that way. It’s all foreplay in your mind. Guys are visually stimulated and women are too, we like to see pretty stuff.

Do you think that you can combine those two elements?

Yes, I think you can. You can combine beauty in the way it’s shot with hardcore sex.

Is that what you try to do?

Yes, it’s a skill, because a lot of girls in this industry right now don’t understand that.

Because so much product is shot with only one thing in mind. Get it done quickly and get it done as hard as possible, so they don’t know.

Or they don’t have a lot of experience in that realm of sex. So they don’t know how to find that inner-beauty and inner-sexuality.

Did you discover that while you were in the movies? As far as I can remember, you always seemed to be completely in control of your sexuality. You knew what you could do and you knew how to do what you wanted to do.

I’m not going to put this out there, but I’ve been having sex for a very long time. So when I started having sex on camera, I never paid attention to the camera. To me it was like, ‘I’m having sex with this person.’ I never played to it. The only time I played to it was when they said, ‘I need to see this.’ I didn’t have to put a show on because I was actually enjoying myself and the person I was with. I think that’s what wrong now, girls don’t know how to enjoy themselves or the people they’re with.

So how do you address that now as a director? How do you sit down with a girl and say, ‘This is what I want?’

I tell them flat out, ‘I want you to have fun. I want you to have a good time. Let yourself go and enjoy having sex with this person. And I’m here and I’m going to capture what I can, but remember if I say I need this or that, open up and keep that in mind. Don’t be intimidated, just have a good time.’

And some of them get it?

Some of them get it, some of them don’t.

Do you think for those that don’t get it, it’s the first time they’ve ever heard someone say that to them?


That’s sad.

You can tell by the look on their face. ‘What do you mean, just have fun?’

Because this should be fun, right?


Some of us still like watching have people have fun because sex is supposed to be fun.

Well, isn’t that why we’re in porn in the first place?

I think so.

Is to be in an environment where we feel comfortable we won’t be judged by what we do with our peers on-set? And still for some people make money or whatever they do, but the whole point of being in porn is to be in an environment where you’re not being judged and having a good time.

When did you decide you wanted to direct? Was it something you always had in mind or did it come about later?

I did one of my first movies for Metro called Fade to Black and that’s when I said, ‘Okay, I want to do this, it’s a lot of fun, and I enjoy it.’

And are you exclusively behind the camera now?

Yes, for right now.

For how long?

For probably about a year or so, depending on what’s going on.

Well, we applaud your career advancement. We miss you on camera.

I’ll be back.

You’ll be back, really? Just waiting for the right performance?

That and it’s just changed a lot.

Well, that happens when you’ve been in for a few years.

Yeah, you look back and you’re like, ‘What happened to going to the set, having sex and having a good time?’

It went away when that set has to be used 8 times in 16 hours and that same guy has to have sex with that same girl 8 times.

And it’s like, ‘What happened to the features where you were on set all day and they did their thing and you still had a great tine?’

The movies you’ve been directing, they’re all-sex but there’s also a feature feel to them.


Do you prefer to direct one type of movie over another?

It depends on the type of movie. Like if you say gonzo stuff, the squirting stuff I could deal with, but not as a whole.

Do you think you shoot better when it’s stuff that turns you on?

Yes! Hands-down, yes, because I get more creative.

What would be one genre movie that you like shooting because it turns you on and it’s what you want to see?

I’d say vignette-style features, but more than vignettes. You’re not sticking to a script. You’re having different ideas lead into different things.

So a little role-play scenario thing?

Yeah. The stuff you see every day, stuff like that. That’s my favorite.

A little humanity to the sexuality. These are people, not just meat robots.

Yeah. My way to shoot vignettes is I like the girls to be sexy and in control.

It’s sexy for a lot of guys watching too because it’s fantasy.

And I heard this great quote from a guy who says he watches porn because the girls are aggressive and they know what they want, and I can’t find that in my real-life.

It’s true.

And that inspired me.

Now when you were performing, especially early on, they threw you into every ethnic line they could find. They couldn’t decide what you were. For the record, what are you?

I’m Puerto Rican.

So you’re Latina.


You’re not black.


You’re not Asian.


But they threw you in everything! (He laughs)

You know what’s so funny? When I came into the industry, it was only black, white and Asian. When the Hispanic market came about, I was so upset!

You missed that, didn’t you.

Yeah! And everyone was like, ‘Hello!’

But in a way, it was a good thing. I don’t want to word this the wrong way.

Go ahead.

In the 80’s, it was Vanessa Del Rio.


And that was it, there were no other Latinas. Then it was Alicia Rio. And then there was Dee.


Now, there’s so many, and there’s maybe only 10 or 20 who are really hot. But back when there was only one or two of you, you stood out. I grew up in Southern California, and you can’t grow up in Southern California without appreciating Latin women.

Yes, and that’s very true.

If you do grow up in Southern California without appreciating it, then you are really missing out. So you stand out more in that way because everyone’s got a Latin line. They’re still doing that though, they’re still taking girls and saying ‘You’re Latin today, you’re Asian tomorrow.’

Yeah. Or a girl with an Indian past or Indian features, and she’s Hispanic.

The best is if you get a Filipino girl, she can be anything. They do that to Filipino girls all the time.

One of the movies we shot a long time ago, this girl walks in and she said, ‘I’m Filipino.’ You’re not Hispanic, you look Hispanic, why didn’t they tell me? She said, ‘I can speak a little Spanish’ and I’m like, ‘That doesn’t count.’

Now, because you are one of the Latin princesses or porn, we’ve got to hear you talk in Spanish.

Oh, I can’t! You put me on the spot.

I’m going to get hell if I can’t get you to do this. People are listening to this now.

Oh my God. (She laughs)

They’re waiting to hear Dee talk in Spanish.

Oh, God, you put me on the spot! (She laughs)

I’ll look away.

I want you Daddy, I want you Daddy, oh I want you Daddy. (In Spanish)

What did you say?

I want you Daddy, I want you Daddy, oh I want you Daddy. (She laughs)

Alright, I’m good, thanks. So it’s nice to see a lot more ethnic lines now. Do you think maybe we’re getting too specific?

As far as?

Every line is either a specific act like Cream Pies, anal, or a specific ethnicity.

I think we are. In the late 90’s it was okay because it was the niche. But now it’s becoming too classified and I think that’s cutting off a lot of people from working, because it’s like, ‘Oh, you’re only an anal girl, I can’t use you for this.’ And when all you use her for is just the anal, that’s sad and makes a lot of the girls burn out really easily. The same thing with the ethnic girls, like ‘I can’t shoot you for this line, because it’s such-and-such line.’ It’s closing the market off.

You did one or two movies for Anabolic back in the day?

Oh yeah.

And back then, they shot the Nasty Nymphos thing and there was a format, but it didn’t matter if you were black, brown, white.


It didn’t matter if the guy was black, brown white. They did anal usually but not always. They would take hot girls and hot guys and say, ‘Do this.’ They aimed for variety. I know some people are specific, they want Asian creampie. But there are so many guys out there doing the same five scenes. Why only the same five scenes?

I agree with you. You’re shooting a movie and it calls for one anal scene. Or you have a girl that does a creampie. That’s fine, I don’t mind that. But to base the entire career on one act? How many squirting scenes, how many creampie scenes before you’re done?

You know, some people are writing to us right now and saying, ‘All I want to see are creampies.’

Yeah, and don’t get me wrong, I understand that. It’s like working at the chocolate factory. After a while, you’re going to get tired of seeing the same stuff over and over.

We need that, but we also need–


I’m honestly waiting for the movie called Just Good Sex.


Here it is. Five scenes, six scenes, whatever. And it’s funny, because a little before you started, there was a mandatory lesbian scene in every movie. Now, you can’t have a lesbian scene in with a regular movie anymore.

Yeah, the anal scene has taken over the lesbian scene.

Right. So, when you were performing, who did you really like working with?

Mark Davis, Julian, Marcus, Eric Masterson, and I know there’s a bunch of others guys.

It’s a real variety of guys too. Some big guys, some not so big guys. Do you have a preference?

No, I really don’t.

One of the things people always marvel-and I’ll be a little graphic here-is you’re not a big girl. But you worked with some big guys, and you seemed to handle that just fine.

It’s like a challenge. And I always tell guys, I’m not a size-queen, I’m just not afraid of a big dick. I’m not going to be intimidated by you. If I come off as intimidated by you, that gives you power over me. That’s not cool.

That wouldn’t be the whole Latina chick afraid of big black dicks, right?

Exactly. I’m like, I’m not scared of your dick, sorry.

Have you ever seen one big enough to intimidate you?

No. I thought that Jack, the very first time, and then I was like, ‘You’re good, you’re cool.’ Jack kind of scared me.

Had you seen Jack before he pulled it out of his pants?

Yeah, I used to rep him.

Okay, so it wasn’t a big surprise.

No, because I used to rep him, and I knew what he looked like. I think he was more scared of us working together, and ask him. He’ll tell you the story. (She laughs)

And this is the ultimate size-queen test. You say you’re not.


You have identical twin men. Really good looking, all else is equal, great personalities. Both are equally talented with their equipment. One has 9 inches and the other has 5. Which do you choose?

I couldn’t answer that.

Okay, you still might be a size-queen.

Do they have the same performance in bed?

Yes, absolutely. All else is equal. They’re both great kissers, they both go down really well, they know how to use it.

Can I have them both?

There we go, that’s the perfect answer! The smaller one goes in the butt, right?

No, the big one goes in the butt, it can help anchor you down. (She laughs)

A little side-tip from Dee on how to DP. So for reverse cowgirl you’d want the small one in the butt?

That’s it.

People don’t realize that DP is just not a natural thing to do at home. Is that something you do off camera?

I love DPs. DPs are awesome. People don’t get it.

Are civilian guys any good at DPs?


It’s got to be a tough rhythm to get.

Yeah. I just tell the guy, whoever’s where, just stay still while the other guy does his thing.

Because if both guys tried to go at the same time, it’d be a mess.


So you’re a little wild off-camera. Are you single now?


But still getting wild?


Nice. What else is new?

I have a website, And hopefully by the end of this year, I’m working on another site that really has nothing to do with me so much but is a product I would like to put out.

Okay, anything else?

Just look out for Sinsation.

Definitely check those out. You’re directing really good stuff, you always shot really good stuff, you were always great on camera. We look forward to seeing you back.

I’ll be back! Don’t worry.

Now you can come back and steal the Latin thunder back. Now that it’s really popular you can really show them how it’s done.

There’s a lot of good-looking Latin girls. My favorite is Crystal-she’s my baby. She’s hot.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.


Dee’s Movies

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