Jasoncurious 2.0: 2 Years Later… People Still Curious About The Boi



Today marks the two year anniversary of JasonCurious.com and with it comes the site’s first “face lift” along with mainstream magazine Arena proclaiming owner/operator Jason Sechrest as one of the “Top 50 Most Powerful People in Porn.”

(WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA) — Exactly two years ago today, Jason Sechrest launched the humble home pages of www.jasoncurious.com, a platform promoted as a reality-based web site that allowed the regular Joe and Jane to live vicariously through Sechrest’s erotic life and cavorts with porn stars male, female, straight, gay, and everything inbetween. Fast forward two years later and today on newsstands Arena magazine lists Sechrest as #48 on their “Top 50 Most Powerful People in Porn” list. Next month, Sechrest turns 24.

He’s still living every twenty-something’s dream, being best friends with everyone you’ve ever wanted to sleep with and being paid for it. He’s slept with Jenna (or next to her, at least) and he’s kicked Snoop Dogg out of his posh Vegas parties. Aside from the web site, he remains a prominent figure in porn as a print/broadcast journalist, web radio show host, and publicist to the porn stars through his company DV8 Public Relations. But it is his site that brings in his steadiest revenue of the year, as it is still the only one of its kind on the Internet to cover both the straight and gay genres of the adult entertainment industry, something his ever growing fan base doesn’t seem to mind. Like any magazine, readers check out the parts they’re interested and skip past the ones they don’t.

“In the beginning, I think I was just tired of people telling me that they wished they could live my life or walk in my shoes for a day and I decided, well now you can for a monthly fee!” laughs Sechrest whose site has been covered by everyone from MTV News to Rolling Stone magazine in the past year. “But as the site expanded and its popularity grew, I realized from the emails I was receiving that it served a greater purpose than what I’d expected in that it humanizes these people. It gives a glimpse into what they’re like behind the scenes and why they do what they do. It’s the persons behind the personas that I think fascinates us.”

Still, with all of his success, being included in mainstream magazine Arena’s “Top 50 Most Powerful People in Porn” list came as a surprise to he whom the mag describes as a “boy wonder” and “porn prodigy,” so much so that he called Arena to ask why they included him. “I spoke with one of their staffers who explained to me that they asked a lot of different companies to name what they felt were the power powerful directors, actors, actresses — I came up as a reporter and publicist. Apparently when I review a movie or promote a company, their sales can increase or decrease depending on what I say. … Who knew? Guess I should be more careful from now on!”

And how is Sechrest celebrating his two-year anniversary today? He’s working, of course! His weekly sex talk radio show, “The Young & the Curious” airs tonight at 6:00 pm (PT) on KSEXradio.com, a show that is also streamed for members of his own site in an area that includes show archives and photos. Tonight’s guests are Holly Body and Brad McGuire.

“I have always felt it an honor to be considered a part of this community, this family really,” says Sechrest in a statement made this morning on his web site’s News Desk. “JasonCurious.com is still dedicated to being the best way for people to get to know their favorite adult stars the way that I know them, with unrestricted access to their lives… and sometimes even their bodies! It’s a way to live the dream and become an honorary member of that family for a while.”

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