Ten Little Piggies 2


Ten Little Piggies 2


140 Mins.

Platinum X Pictures


DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron

THEMES: Toe Sucking. Anal Sex




STARS: Roxy Heart, Sassy, Cheryl, Lorena, Julie Robbins, Elizabeth Lawrence, Faith Grant, Angel Long, Ashley Long & Simone Claire with Steve Holmes, Michael Stefano, Manuel Ferrara, Brian Surewood,


There used to be a very distinct line between hardcore porn and fetish movies. At some point over the last few years, that line has been blurred. Now we’re seeing some light bondage, S&M, smoking and other fetishes bleeding into mainstream fuck flicks. Perhaps the most complete cross-over has come from foot fetish movies. There are new a couple of lines that feature foot play, toe sucking and other activities that were once reserved for fetish fodder. Brandon Iron combines enthusiastic foot play with good, hard sex in this PXP line. As one would expect, it helps to like foot play if you’re going to watch this movie. On the other hand, when done properly, the sex is so good that it really doesn’t matter if you’re on board completely with the fetish or not.

We open on Ashley Long and Cheryl, specifically on their feet. Cheryl is from South Africa and seems to be a bit more reserved than her British partner. The girls strip each other and do a little ass licking before Brandon settles them down and focuses again on the feet. They doe some mutual toe licking, but the guys come in fairly quickly. Everyone gets to taste feet while Cheryl sucks on Michael Stefano’s dick. Ashley is so loud that we can’t really hear much from anyone else as both girls get fucked. Cheryl is pretty cute, but Ashley is in full slut mode, riding cock and screaming like she can’t get enough. The side-by-side fucking gives way to some interesting footage as the guys hold Ashley between them and fuck the shit out of her. Everyone trades partners as we move to anal. Angel’s ass gets fucked by Stefano and she even let’s Cheryl slide a toe up into that snug little hole. The scene settles down for some serious ass-pumping and DP footage. The foot angle has been abandoned for the time being and this looks like any other raincoater movie. (Nothing wrong with that.) Ashley takes a long DP at the end of the scene, setting up the finish which has both guys shooting onto Cheryl’s face as Ashley rubs it in with her feet. There is some cum smearing and toe sucking at the close.

Elizabeth is a twenty-six year old babe with a nice ass who pairs up with Julie for the next scene. He has them do shake tests on their boobs and butts, but the foot stuff doesn’t start until Manuel Ferrara sits between the girls. He has them rub their feet together, work his cock with their toes and then gets a four-foot mouth stuffing. Even as he has them suck his cock, Manuel keeps one girl busy with her feet around the base of his meat. The girls take turns riding and sucking his dick, doing some toe sucking on each other for a while. Julie gives us some nice footage of her ass as she rides, but these girls are fairly even in just about every category. Elizabeth takes a momentary lead with some very nice looking RCA that stretches her little ass to the limit. Julie quickly evens things out with a similar ride. The foot focus is better with this scene as the girls keep licking toes and sticking their feet into the shot and the anal adventures continue. With the women in 69, Manuel goes from Liz’s butt to Julie’s mouth repeatedly. Julie’s feet are the focus of the pop with Elizabeth there to lick it up.

Faith Grant is a very good looking girl who can’t keep her fingers off of her pretty pussy while Brandon talks to her. Who cares about feet when a chick has a body like this? I know we have to see the feet because of the title, but damn. She tires to use her feet on Toni Ribas, but he wisely dives right in and starts licking her pussy. For some reason, the oral and vaginal sex is sped through in this scene. To this point in the movie the scenes have been really long and in less than six minutes we are done with the tease, blowjob, pussy licking and twat-fucking. Faith has a great ass of course and no one can blame Toni for wanting to slam fuck that hot little orifice. The anal action is really good and Toni blasts that ass until it looks like it’s been torn to shreds. There is a great facial at the end of this scene, leaving me wondering why we rushed the start.

Roxy Heart is cute and ready to dom blonde Sassy with her size-8 feet. The girls take their time getting naked and playing with each other. Sassy gets down so that her skinny friend can ride her face for a while before the guys show up. Steve Holmes comes in and sucks Roxy’s toes, getting them wet for a footjob. Brian Surewood is the other guy and he keeps Sassy busy. The footage is pretty average until the girls do a side-by-side doggy session that allows Roxy to show off her legs. As the blonde has her ass penetrated, Roxy sucks her toes. It’s slow going up Sassy’s ass, but Roxy is keeping the action hard and fast right next to her. After taking a bit load herself, Roxy helps Sassy stroke a nice was from Surewood’s dick.

Brandon hits Holly Boulevard and stops by a shoe store that seems to cater to freak-show stripper footwear. He runs into Lorena and Victoria and follows them around while they try on some shoes. This is great if you happen to be into shoes and stockings. I’m not, so I’m waiting for him to just take the girls home and fuck them. That’s exactly what Brandon does, putting the girls on their knees and going straight to the ass. Lorena gapes from the start, her ass hanging open and looking like a good place to loose your car keys. Victoria gets her mouth fucked as Brandon goes on a little A2M ride, working the girls hard. He finally pulls out and shoot all over the brunette’s mouth so they can swap.

Angel Long tells us a story about having her feet sucked as she rubs her pussy and slowly shows us he body. She sucks her own toes and tries on some little pink socks. Simone Claire shows up with a whole lot o fink and two more feet to add to the party. The guys come in and Michael Stefano gives Angel’s feet a lot of attention. The early foot action should please the core audience, but Simone is more of a distraction than an addition to this scene. Angel does some really good anal as always and Simone gets nearly fisted if that floats your boat. I think a two-on-one scene with Angel getting torn up would have been a much hotter way to end the flick. Instead we get a shot on her foot that Simone licks up.

I don’t imagine that this movie has enough toe/foot play to really please the hard-core fetish audience. That’s a good thing for the rest of us who would rather see a girl suck dick than lick feet. I was a lot higher on this movie before the last two scenes. They are still good, but before the final pair, everything was above average. Most of the scenes have at least two women at a time which makes it much easier for them to lick each other’s toes. It’s a really good movie for those who dig anal sex and have some desire to see a little foot action.


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