Evil Angela

Evil Angela

Movie Type: Compilation
360 Mins
Evil Angel
WEBSITE: www.EvilAngel.com
THEMES: Big Tits, Natural Tits. Tit Fucking, Anal Sex, Trans Porn. Oil Play

STARS: Angela White, Angel Long, Markus Dupree, Michael Stefano, Chanel Santini, Markus Dupree, Zac Wilde, Mike Adriano


When I started this review, I hit social media with the fact that I “had” to do six hours of Angela White for my latest review. I was not complaining at all. In fact, I was pretty excited to get to make my way through this collect. It’s pretty simple really. Six hours of Angela White in scenes from Evil Angel movies. How could that be anything other than awesome? Short answer, it can’t. It is awesome. Six hours of awesome. Six hours of Angela White at her very best. Six hours of porn perfection is what this is. OK, now that I have already given away how much I love the movie, you may take a moment, buy a copy for yourself and then enjoy the beautiful prose and generous praise to follow. Needless to say, there is a little bit of everything in this movie. That’s what you get when you have a full two discs of a performer as beautiful, dynamic and energetic as strong>Angela White. A performer who has boundless enthusiasm, a fantastic body, beyond perfect breasts and a willingness to do anything and everything to create a fantastic scene. Each scene offers a new chance to enjoy Angela and her charms. And by charms, you can take your pick. If you like her magnificent breasts, they get fucked properly in nearly every scene. Sometimes, they oil them up and that just makes it look even hotter. (And SO much fun I would imagine.) Perhaps boobs aren’t your thing. (Seriously? Have you SEEN Angela in a bra or bikini top? Dude!) Well you are in luck, because she’s got quite an ass as well. Hell, if you just love great BJ footage, there is tons of that. Amazing eye contact from a very beautiful woman who just happens to give fantastic, deep, blowjobs. (By fantastic I mean they look that way on camera. I have not had the pleasure.) I am not going to go through each scene. You can read each one to get the details. This is a must-have for any strong>Angela White fan or porn collector. It’s got amazing rewatchability and was a pleasure to get through. By now you should already have a copy ordered. I have mine ready for its permanent place on DVD shelf. After I watch it again purely for fun that is.

Angela White, Angel Long, Markus Dupree (Original Review

From “Angel Invades America directed by Angel Long (Original Review

Angel’s first star is Angela White. From behind the camera the director tries out her busty starlet with some dirty talk and finger play. Since Angela came on set with a buttplug in, there is plenty of opportunity for some anal play. The camera moves in close as she removes and re-inserts the plug. Angel also likes making Angela gag and drool with her fingers which comes in handy when it’s time for some POV pussy eating. This is pretty unique footage and certainly gives fans a different look at some very enthusiastic finger and tongue play from Angela. Markus shows up to fuck Angela’s throat with his big hard cock. Angel steps back and lets the two of them do their thing. She adds a finger to get the spit going again when Markus is fucking those perfect massive titties. Next he pulls her into his lap and fucks her ass. Great looking reverse cowgirl here. Angel steps in from time to time with a toy and moves the camera a lot. It feels like it fits the action pretty well but sometimes it borders on feeling overly caffeinated. Some of that comes from Angel keeping herself in the action and still trying to capture some fun POV stuff. The sex itself is high energy, wet, hard, nasty and intense, exactly what you would expect from a scene between Angela and Markus. After everyone gets to get nice and wet they finish up with a big facial shot for Angela. Just another perfectly hot scene from the hottest woman in the industry.

Angela White & Michael Stefano

(From Natural Phenomenon directed by Pat Myne)

If you happen to enjoy watching Angela tease by showing off her incredible (natural) breasts, then the opening of this scene will drive you absolutely wild. Even before the oil comes out, she proudly shakes, bounces and displays her twin peaks. Michael enters the action and finds Angela irresistible from head to toe. He chokes her and try humps her slicked up thighs. Spinning her around the face the camera, he grabs her breasts in both hands and gives them a through massage right in perfect view of the camera. They get into some fun foot play for a bit before he works his way into her ass and Angela goes wild with the oil. That is all fun of course, but he also slips between her oiled up knockers for a fantastic looking tit fuck. Angela may be the most agressive tit fucker I have ever seen and I honestly can’t get enough of it. He holds out through the boob assault and flips over to bang her tight asshole. That pushes him right over and he floods her mouth with a huge load of cum. Goodness, what I wouldn’t give to spend and afternoon with Angela and a bottle of oil.

Angela White & Chanel Santini
From “I Am Angela directed by Joey Silvera (Original Review

For Angela’s first TS scene, Chanel Santini agrees to do the deed and legendary director Joey Silvera agrees to come out of retirement to capture it. Angela and Joey have a long talk about whether Joey’s work is porn or activism or a combination of both. With balloons in the background, presumably to mark the occasion, Angela starts the scene with a hard cock in her mouth. As she does with every cock she gets to play with, Angela licks and kisses that throbbing tool as if she is in love. Always one to extend the love beyond the cock, Angela works her tongue into Chanel’s ass and eats for a while. Using her hands, mouth and tits, Angela makes sure that Chanel’s cock is ready when it is time to mount up and ride. Riding hard and then spreading her legs wide, Angela brings her usual energy, but also is happy to point out what makes this scene special for her fans (and fans of this particular porn genre.) as she gets fucked. The best looking footage comes with Angela in doggy so that her amazing hooters are shaking under her body with every stroke. Angela sucks cum from Chanel’s cock and then they engage in a lengthy round of jizz swapping to round out the action.

Angela White & Marcus Dupree

From A For Anal directed by Johnni Darkko

For the next scene, Angela is donning some horsey-girl attire, some black pasties and holds a matching crop. When the scene begins, she invites us to “take a ride” and to lift her tail to fuck her “tight little asshole.” (Side note, more of Angela talking dirty is always, always, always a good thing.) Marcus comes in hot and hard, going straight for the ass. With her face down and butt up, she holds open her cheeks for deep penetration and gape shots. He also puts his foot on her head for those of you into that kind of play. Flipping her over, he holds her heels in both hands while filling the backdoor. Great shot if you like looking at her body, want a great view of the penetration or just love seeing energetic anal sex. If you want an equally hot boob shot, she rolls over and licks her own knockers while having her tushy stuffed. Fuck, is there a bad angle in this scene? Me thinks not. She finishes up by stroking a big load of cream out of his cock all over her smiling face. We are only halfway through this movie and it is already one of my favorite DVDs of the last few years.

Angela White & Zac Wilde

From Anal Antics 3 directed by Chris Streams

Kicking things off in a purple lingerie set, Angela is barely contained by the tight bra and skimpy panties. She is bent over when Zac enters the fun, grabbing both cheeks and burying his face between them. They start to oil things up a bit, which leaves plenty of great shots of bouncing, shiny boobs. The tit fucking is fantaastic of course. Her boobs are all slippery and perfect for a big dick and some close up camera angles. He spins her around and goes in for some hot and hard anal from behind. Flipping over, Angela takes the oil bottle and sprays herself down while she bounces on his pole. The bouncing boob shots are really nice, but the focus is on the oil play and the very aggressive anal action. They finish up with some epic tit fucking and a big cumshot. Another unforgettable scene from a legendary performer.

Angela White & Mike Adriano

From True Anal 3 directed by Mike Adriano

Starting this one off in some sexy workout clothes, Angela wastes no time getting the big buns out. She bounces them inside of her tight top and then flashes them for the camera. Great tease here, especially if you like natural boobs and/or exercise clothes. He moves in from behind and tongue fucks her tight butthole. That gets her going, but he wants to experience the boobs close up. Great shots as they hang deliciously before our eyes. He sucks on them for a bit before she wraps them around his boner and pro-fucks his lucky rod. Before she lets him into her ass, Angela dives in for some serious rimming action. She eats his backside with a smile and per usual with this series, the camera moves in really close on the action. They get great anal penetration shots from behind as he fills her butt with deep strokes. He move from there to her boobs for some legendary tit fucking. I could go on about this all day, but he is right back between her cheeks with the camera in so close you can see every inch as he stretches her. He pulls out and slips between her tits for a few final strokes before popping between them. Another great scene for fans of oil play, anal sex, natural knockers and all the things we love Angela for.

Angela White & Chris Diamond

From Evil Curves directed by Chris Streams (Original Review)

It is hard to imagine any performer with more “curve appeal” than Angela White. Built for fun and sin from the ground up, she is the walking epitome of the phrase. She opens the scene with some tease footage that prominently features a very lucky lollipop. After playing with it and getting plenty of her naughty bits all sticky and even sweeter, her joins her partner for the main event. She starts by wrapping her perfect breasts around his cock and rocking them up and down until he is throbbing and ready for anything. After such a stunning example of tit fucking, Angela puts on a BJ clinic with her skilled mouth, eager tongue and beautiful face. There is a fair amount of choking going on as Chris keeps his hand on her throat while they transition to fucking. Flipping her around, he starts fucking her ass, getting it warmed up before letting Angela do the work. That’s when it gets super-hot. She bucks back, wiggling her ass and taking him balls deep from behind. The anal action is as impressive as her curves with Angela riding him and showing off her flexibility to make sure he stays balls deep in that booty. I love the way she looks holding her feet above her head while Chris enjoys both tight holes. The finish with Angela on her knees taking an open-mouthed cumshot on her tongue and face. What more can be said about Angela White? She is a dream come true and this is another perfectly hot example of why she is the very best in the biz.

Angela Whitehttps://www.rogreviews.com/61753/oil-for-days/”

Our movie opens with Angela White dressed in red against the backdrop of a stark white room. She is already half naked and partially glistening with more oil on the way. She gets her perfect breasts all coated in slick goodness and shows them off beautifully. This is excellent footage, especially if you enjoy seeing Angela naked and slick. It also transitions nicely into some hard pounding sex from behind and Mark just steps right in and starts thrusting. While he enjoys her pussy, he also uses the oil to get her asshole ready for the same treatment. No sane man would be this close to oiled up Angela without fucking her tits at least a little and Markus manages to enjoy them between fucking her ass and jamming his dick into her mouth. With the oil now totally covering them both, they wiggle together with such extreme energy that it is a wonder they don’t just slide right off onto the floor. There is some really hot anal action going on here. Markus shoves Angela’s legs back over her head and then she gets on top and fucks him back just as hard. He gives her a big laid all over her already messy face and then they go for a quick second round.

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