Angel Invades America

Angel Invades America

Movie Type: All Sex
186 Mins
Evil Angel
THEMES: Anal Sex, Choking, Messy Sex, Big Tits
STARS: Angela White, Jane Wilde, Ramon Nomar, Markus Dupree,
Brooklyn Gray
, Lexi Lore, Angel Long, Owen Gray


In this hardcore gonzo flick, Angel Long proves that guys do not have a monopoly when it comes to being filthy perverts who love hard, nasty sex. She is behind the camera for four scenes that go full speed into the intense anal action. In keeping with gonzo tradition, Angel also gets in on some of the action herself. There is some serious star power at play here and plenty of hot women carrying the fun. First and foremost, she has Angela White in the opening scene. If you have been under a rock for a long time, Angela is about the most consistently hot performer to come along in more than a decade. She and Markus Dupree team up for another absolutely fantastic scene. She is my favorite performer in the movie, but the scene is also a little different than the others. The sex is still hard and full speed, but there is less drool smearing and other extracurricular activities. For those of you who like that, the other scenes have plenty of it. Jane Wilde proves that pretty girls can get down and dirty and really messy. Lexi Lore and
Brooklyn Gray
follow and they go through the same stuff. The interaction with the camera and Angel’s involvement give this a hard gonzo feel and for fans who don’t like that angle, the meat of the sexual action is still blisteringly hot.

Angela White, Angel Long, Markus Dupree

Angel’s first star is Angela White. From behind the camera the director tries out her busty starlet with some dirty talk and finger play. Since Angela came on set with a buttplug in, there is plenty of opportunity for some anal play. The camera moves in close as she removes and re-inserts the plug. Angel also likes making Angela gag and drool with her fingers which comes in handy when it’s time for some POV pussy eating. This is pretty unique footage and certainly gives fans a different look at some very enthusiastic finger and tongue play from Angela. Markus shows up to fuck Angela’s throat with his big hard cock. Angel steps back and lets the two of them do their thing. She adds a finger to get the spit going again when Markus is fucking those perfect massive titties. Next he pulls her into his lap and fucks her ass. Great looking reverse cowgirl here. Angel steps in from time to time with a toy and moves the camera a lot. It feels like it fits the action pretty well but sometimes it borders on feeling overly caffeinated. Some of that comes from Angel keeping herself in the action and still trying to capture some fun POV stuff. The sex itself is high energy, wet, hard, nasty and intense, exactly what you would expect from a scene between Angela and Markus. After everyone gets to get nice and wet they finish up with a big facial shot for Angela. Just another perfectly hot scene from the hottest woman in the industry.

Jane Wilde & Ramon Nomar

Angel brings in Jane Wilde next. She is all porned up in a cute little bikini and neon fishnets. Angel is more interested in how she responds to fingers in her mouth and a hand on her throat than the answers to any porn interview questions. They play a bit before Ramon comes in. Right away Angel has him gag Jane with his dick while she collects the excess drool to apply to the pretty brunette’s face. This is a look certainly. I’m rather fond of pretty women and not all opposed to having such passionate sex that things get all messed up. But the intentional destruction of the beauty aesthetic absent any sort of actual intensity seems to be kind of forcing things a bit. (Your mileage may vary and if we get there anyway how big a deal is the timing?) After a few strokes her ass is gaping and somewhat prolapsed. I know that is a huge turn on for a lot of you so enjoy, enjoy it a lot. The anal intensity matches how messy things get as Angel has Jane passing slobber from Ramon’s dick to her pussy and back. There is some serious ass stretching at the end of the scene as he pounds her while she holds her cheeks open. He finishes on her face and she sucks out every last drop. This is all about intensity and power fucking. If that yanks your crank then yank your crank accordingly.

Lexi Lore, Markus Dupree & Angel Long

Next up is blonde Lexi Lore whose tiny cut off shorts are just tight enough in the right places for Angel to do some close up investigation of the pink flesh that lies beneath. Repeating the extreme slobber tricks, Anel gets her new friend messy and then chokes her for a while. They continue to play with a butt plug for a while until Angel backs off and lets Markus gag Lexi with his big long cock. The face fucking doesn’t last for long because they have anal debauchery to get on with. Markus takes Lexi from behind while Angel grabs her by the hair and moves in close to sample the huge gape shot she gives when he pulls out. If you like that kind of shot, enjoy this. Hell Marcus even calls into her open hole and I half expected to hear it echo. When he isn’t fucking her ass, Markus sits on Lexis’ face so she can eat ass. He finishes off with a big shot on her face. If you like hard, deep anal with lots of gape shots, this scene is going to really thrill you.

Brooklyn Gray, Angel Long & Owen Gray

Brooklyn Gray
is also wearing some tiny little shorts that nearly show off the goodies as Angel gets to know her. She turns around and shows off her ass. Angel likes what she sees and gets in some anal finger play before Owen takes over. Brooklyn does some pussy eating while Owen gets his cock. They smear spit all over her face again while she is going her best to suck. That proves to be unnecessary as she hangs her head over the edge of the couch and gets her face covered in drool from the face fucking. She doesn’t mind at all and is more than ready to take a good hard poke in the backdoor. Brooklyn takes a very energetic ride on top of his pole and makes her boobs bounce as she strokes him. They also engage in plenty of choking for those of you who dig that flavor of action. Angel makes sure to get in on the action for some POV pussy eating and finger play. Owen finishes with a shot on her face that adds to the mess as she finishes up by showing her stretched holes.

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