Squirt Madness

Squirt Madness

Movie Type: All Sex
135 Mins
DIRECTOR: Markus Dupree
WEBSITE: www.vogov.com
THEMES: Squirting, Anal Sex, Rough Sex

STARS: Gianna Dior, Eliza Ibarra, Alina Lopez, Markus Dupree, Chanel Grey


As the title would suggest, this movie features a whole lot of squirting. If that is your thing, buckle up. If it is not, then there is still plenty to like about this movie. The cast is packed with great looking women who happen to be super hot performers. Markus Dupree pulls double duty as the director and sole meat provider for the four scenes. I would imagine he also had a hand in picking the cast. If so, you can see why. He’s got four of the very best on the business end of his dick. Opening with Gianna Dior, he works with Performer of the Year talent and gets something great from her. This is a really good scene and they get even better from there. Alina Lopez manages to shine like always in a high energy scene that also features some nice tease footage before the action. Chanel Grey is an energetic super-squirter in a nice warm up to the fantastic finale. Eliza Ibarra is the reason I wanted to watch this movie today and it turns in the hottest scene. She is gorgeous, looks great from every angle in this scene, provides the titular wet shots and just fucks like the perfect fantasy girl. If you are going to use VOD minutes, hers is the scene to watch. It is the reason this movie is sitting on my shelf waiting for rewatch. Yes, the scenes all have multiple squirt shots and I know that is important. For me, the energetic sex is what makes this fun to watch. The waterworks are just kind a bonus for those who like their porn splashy.

Gianna Dior & Markus Dupree

After some nicely edited tease footage, Gianna Dior starts the action on her knees. Markus is hard and ready to bring the energy with a few minutes of face fucking before he turns his attention to her pussy. This brings out the best in her. Gianna gets loud as she is pumped hard enough to make her perky tits dance. Markus pulls out, makes her squirt with his fingers and then rams his meat right back into her. Lather, rinse, repeat. Flip over for doggy. Lather, rinse, repeat again and you have a big giant wet spot on the table and the floor. There is a lot of really good action going on with a number of squirt shots thrown in every few minutes. After all those shots from her pussy, Gianna finally takes one from his cock right on her face.

Alina Lopez & Markus Dupree

I like the short tease footage provided before Alina’s scene. She is so pretty and they get some great shots of her legs and ass. Markus has her on knees showing just how well she can suck dick. Her pretty face just looks so good as she stretches her lips wide to take him in. Markus loves her ass but focuses more on her pussy so he can get the wet shots flowing early. When she climbs on top, we get a perfect view of her ass. She spreads her legs and rides him during the splits just for fun. The squirt shots disappear for a while as she turns to face the camera and gives us some incredibly hot reverse cowgirl. Alina’s body and energy are the highlights of this scene, but the squirt shots are also copious and plentiful. He returns the favor with a big load on her face that Alina eats up eagerly.

Chanel Grey & Markus Dupree

Next up is horny blonde Chanel Grey. She spices up her tease with some anal finger play. Things progress quickly as they have all the movie with Chanel throwing her legs back while he pounds balls deep in her pussy. After just a few strokes, he pulls out and watches her spray. He bends her over and goes right into her ass. Great leg shots here as he works that tight hole. They spit into each other’s mouths if that’s something you like to see. Chanel mounts up, fucks him with her pussy again before dropping that ass on him. She throws her legs up in the air while he goes into her ass. There is lots of hot anal action here including some doggy that has her moaning and her eyes rolling. He rolls her over and fingers her to some big squirt shots and then drops his load all over her.

Eliza Ibarra & Markus Dupree

For the final scene, we get my favorite reason to watch this movie. Eliza Ibarra is so fucking cute it’s hare not to stare at her as she teases her way through some outdoor footage. I could watch her getting naked and playing with her tits all day, but she wants some of what Markus has to offer. She starts with fingers and a tongue on her delicious little twat. Markus drops by and does his best to get her juices flowing with his tongue. In return, she kneels and wraps her pretty lips around his dong. Eliza doesn’t wait long before getting things quite wet. He helps out by grabbing her face and fucking. She is so pretty that anything she does with her face is worth watching, but the eye contact here is fantastic and when she smiles, her dimples are delightful. When she stops sucking, Eliza gets on top and rides hard. I love watching her work her hips and bounce her ass. They stop in the middle doggy for the requisite wet shots. She makes sure things get good and wet as he alternates between fucking her hard and pulling out to let the splash shots happen. He saves up a big shot for her gorgeous face and then nearly collapses from the pleasure of unleashing. Eliza is so fucking pretty, I don’t know how many ways I can stress that point.

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