Adult Dvd Empire’s Response To Pornography Awareness Week


Pornography Awareness Week

As many of you in the industry are aware, the anti-porn group Morality in Media is “celebrating” Pornography Awareness Week during the week of October 26th. A press release was sent out by this organization that, among other things, compared the battle against pornography with America’s war on terrorism. This is just the latest in a series of organized attacks against our industry, both by special interest groups and the government itself, and we at Adult DVD Empire thought it was time to take a stand against those who would persecute us and we’re asking everybody in the adult industry to join our fight.

Our proposal is simple: During the week of October 26th ” November 1st, Adult DVD Empire will be donating 5% of its net profits to the Free Speech Coalition as both a statement on behalf of our industry and a show of support for an organization that continues to fight for our free speech rights. We are challenging every adult studio and online retailer to match or exceed our 5% donation, and we are asking every adult news site to help us get the word out to all within the industry, so that during the week of October 26th, we’ll be able to make an industry-wide statement against those who oppose us.

During this week, Adult DVD Empire will also be providing banners which link to a splash page on our site that encourages customers to make their own donation to the FSC. We’re also encouraging any individuals within the industry ” whether they be talent, directors or crew, to make a donation if they can. Additionally, we ask that all studios, websites, retailers or individuals who receive this press release to use their own contacts to encourage others to get involved in this effort to make this endeavor as successful as possible.

For too long the adult industry has been painted in a negative light, and we are all guilty of only reacting when we should be taking a proactive course of action against those who want to see pornography outlawed. Adult DVD Empire hopes that this will be one of the first in many industry organized efforts to show the general public who we really are, what we really represent, and ” most importantly ” how we intend to fight for the basic freedoms upon which this great country was founded.

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