BoyGirlBang.Com- Review By Layla Jade

Boy Girl Bang.Com is a good looking site which empompasis a nice, user friendly interface with plenty of dick stiffening material.

Whats nice about it is that it isn’t simply just all front end either.

The color scheme and graphics are pleasing to the eye and all images are crisp, clean and sharp to look at.

At first on viewing this site, it crossed my mind as to weather or not I would still have the same feeling of satisfaction upon going into the members section, as I did when viewing the front of the site, A thought that every consumer comes to when making the decision of whether or not to part with their hard earned cash, on the quest for some decent pornography. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed.

Boy Girl Bang hosts an incredible listing of some 34 different episodes of Boy Girl Bang for viewing, and notice I say hosts not boasts… because they really are all there, and not just 5 minutes clips which are classed as an episode.

The episodes on B/G/B range from 45 minutes to over an hour.

However I do feel it important to make it clear though that the vast majority of the episodes are way up there, above the 1 hour mark…

The other thing I think that customers of BGB will appreciate is the fact that the guys who appear in these episodes are, from what I can see, just regular Joes.

No incredibly pumped, oiled and tanned porn studs here!

For many, will merely add to this sites appeal.

And Whatsmore if that if your just in need of a quick fix, you don’t have to watch or download the entire movie, you can simply select the clip of your choice, chose to stream it or download it, and hey presto, there’s sperm all over the keyboard !

This is a good option to have as because of the way the episodes are filmed it can sometimes take a while to get to the sex, but it is definitely all there when you do.

The sex is good, the action is hardcore, the footage is clear and accompanying each video episode of bgb you also get several hundred photos.

If I had parted with my money for member’s access I would not be disappointed…


Layla Jade

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