How To Find The Best Adult Toy Vendor

How To Find The Best Adult Toy Vendor

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Adult toys help you get creative in your intimate space, whether by yourself or with others. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you purchase toys from legit vendors. Buying quality-compromised products places you and others at risk of accidents caused by faulty products or infections from low-quality material. Thus, here are some ways to find the best adult toy vendor for your optimum safety and health:

1. Analyze The Website

The website quality of a sex toy distributor, such as SexToySupply, can indicate whether they are a trusted and reliable adult toy vendor or not. A quality website should have a section where you can contact the team for individual interaction. Although you have choices regarding the products you can purchase, you may require more information or even a recommendation based on your interests.

The best adult toy vendors also have information at the tip of your website click. Information can be in the form of frequently asked questions or blogs. The role of an adult toy vendor goes beyond providing the products but educating and informing you about the dynamics accompanying them.

The general rule of thumb is if you don’t enjoy interacting with the website, it isn’t user friendly and doesn’t have sufficient information, so you may need to look elsewhere.

2. Search Online Reviews

Online reviews on various adult toy vendors may help you decide about purchasing the toys. The more negative reviews you see, the more likely you might not enjoy what they offer. Meanwhile, if reviews are positive, there’s a higher probability that they sell good-quality products.

However, it’s vital to remember that not all online reviews are authentic. In some cases, negative reviews are a competitor strategy to divert customers’ attention to a rival distributor. Overly positive reviews can also be inauthentic as they may be insider reviews and not from legitimate customers to attract sales.
Thus, avoid taking online reviews as the defined truth regarding the distributors and their products. It’s always best to use your discernment.

3. Ask For Referrals

You may know of others who are open about discussing their adult purchases and how their experiences of these have been. If you’re comfortable having such discussions, you can ask the person or people who come to mind and have them say what they feel comfortable sharing. You can ask them where they bought their adult toys, the purchasing experience, and whether the products are good quality. If they had positive experiences, they might recommend you purchase from the same vendor.

Just as you’d have to use discretion when looking at online reviews, the same applies to referrals. Each individual has different preferences and experiences, which may not necessarily be the same as yours. The final decision is still yours.

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4. Shop Around

You may need to shop around until you find the best adult toy vendor that meets your preferences and expectations. You can visit three different vendors and consider the following:

The Shop Space

A hygienic space should welcome you upon entering an adult shop. The state of the shop reflects the state of the products regarding hygiene and staff care. Products stacked on top of the other can be damaged when staff rummages through the piles when they search for particular products when needed. A dirty space may also reveal how the products are cared for in the shop.

Staff Knowledge

Staff members should be knowledgeable of the item they’re selling to help you decide on the best adult toys for you. They can also recommend products based on the information you can share with them, such as your preferences. For example, they should be able to talk to you about hygiene and safety practices regarding the products. When you interact with the staff, you can make better purchasing decisions.

Product Variety

The best adult toy vendor should have a variety of products. There should be options regarding shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. This way, you can purchase different items and try them out to find the toys that work best for you. Limited choices may not meet your product preferences.


You can find the best adult toy vendor by analyzing their websites. The more information it has and the more user friendly it is, the more likely the products they sell are of good quality. You can also analyze online reviews, seek referrals, and shop around to know what they offer and check how their stores appear. Overall, a combination of methods may lead you to the best adult toy vendor that meets your needs and preferences.

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