The Tampa Tussle- My Take


The Tampa Tussle- My Take
A lot of you have been following the stories out of Tampa from last week about the fight between the LVNI Girls and the Digital Playground Girls. So far, Tera and Devon have not issued any official statements nor have they sent out any press releases on the incident. Both Serenity and Jewel De’Nyle had stories up on their web sites and I’ve read a number of other reports from people who were there. (Mike South.)

From what I can gather, there was some dispute about signing space at tables, some words were exchanged and Devon allegedly pulled Serenity by the hair. Jewel’s account had some very unflattering words for Tera’s attitude. Since that time many of you have written in asking me what I think of the whole thing.

Look, porn girls have egos. This isn’t news. The ones I am friendly with, the ones who can’t stand me and the ones who have never hard of me, all have egos. Some are huge and make you want to just shake your head and walk away. Others are quite gracious and humble, but in the end, this is an ego driven business and it’s cut throat. That said, do I believe the incident could have happened? Sure I do. How it happened? Well I wasn’t there so all I can do is go on past experiences and the accounts I’ve read.

Of the four main characters in this drama (Serenity, Tera Patrick, Devon and Jewel) I only know one of them well. Another has been quite good to me professionally and the other two have never so much as spoken to me. Serenity has always been very good to me, professionally and personally. She is the one who got me on the screener list at Wicked and have never been anything but gracious and generous with her time. If she has a runaway ego, I’ve certainly never seen it. Tera has also been quite generous with her time. She agreed to an interview, signed a tank top for last year’s charity auction and certainly has never “big timed” me. Devon and Jewel haven’t said word one to me between them and they seem to be the primary characters in this tale. Did Devon really grab Serenity by the hair? I’ll leave that to other people to report. Does she have a runaway ego? How would I know. Requests to interview her through various (Pre-Digital Playground) companies went unanswered. Jewel has also turned down requests through PR people (Or maybe they did it for her.) over the years. Some of the things Jewel said were a little harsh. Like it or not, Tera is a star and I know there is a lot of jealousy towards her. I’m not saying that Jewel is motivated by jealousy, I’m just commenting on how her anti-Tera rant sounded to a lot of people.

Now, my solution to the whole thing is simple. We need a wrestling ring, some oil, 4 Rog Rules tank tops and the four women. I will volunteer to referee this four way oil wrestling match and the winner will be the one who….oh come on, I’ll be the winner.

Short of that I think I’ll take the side of whichever of these ladies offers me a blowjob. (And comes through.) Ladies, the clock is ticking.

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