Tera Show Report


I tuned in to watch the Tera Show, figuring that I would give you guys a full report on this one. My girl Aurora Snow was scheduled to be on along with Bridgette and Skeeter Kerkove. I was really close to actually heading up and finally seeing one of these shows live, but I missed work yesterday with a touch of the flu and decided to report on it from the comfort of my desk chair. After all, what could be more fun than Tera and Aurora on the same couch? (And I still have to bug her about that script project that I really want her to do.)

I tuned in right at 7 and saw Tera do her introduction with Wankus from KSEXRadio.com. (Is it me or is everyone in porn either writing for AVN Insider or on KSEX except me?) Bridgette Kerkove came on next and talked a little about her web site, www.bridgettekerkove.comand the fact that she hasn’t worked in a year. They asked a trivia question and just for fun I submitted an email answer. I also sent in a question about the number of awards and nominations Tera, Bridgette and Aurora have received over the last few years. I’d like to say that my question was read on the air or that Aurora showed up in her lovely Rog Rules T Shirt, but that was when my connection was lost for the night. It never came back even though I was able to hook up to every other site on the net. I don’ know if the whole thing went off the air, or if it was just me. At any rate, that’s all I can report. I’m sure Aurora looked gorgeous, I’m sure Skeeter had a ton of things to promote and I’m sure that it was a great show. I’d just like to be able to see one from start to finish some time.

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