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Big Brother 11

Tuesday Night Update

OK I don’t feel totally out there since Cindy over at is a big fan. She’s also writing about it and I’m loving her BB posts. Following her lead I am going to headline all of my Big Brother entries to make them easy to ID. If you don’t want to read them, I will do my best to give you plenty of porn stuff to enjoy.

Tonight’s episode was a great one. Drama, backstabbing and enough testosterone to make me wonder what’s happening in the WWE lately. The veto competition was rather revolting and interesting. Why didn’t the contestants just grab a bunch of letter tiles and then make a word from their pile? Maybe I missed some rule about them having to use all of the tiles they pulled. When Jeff tried spelling “Technetronics” I was a little taken aback. I’m a horrible speller and always will be, but Russell just went nuts. Was it a word? I looked it up and found “technetronic” so it really wasn’t that far off. I’m not quite sure why Russell blew a gasket other than the obvious roid rage angle.

The whole seems to revolve around Russell being upset that his “jock” teammate Jeff is spending more time with hot blonde “popular” chick Jordan than up in the room for male bonding time with Russ and Jessie. Let’s see, hang out with a couple of brain dead muscle heads flexing, posing and rubbing dicks or make time with a smoking hot blonde female. Most of us know which to choose, but apparently Russell felt a little jealous and had to psycho for all to see. Way to play against stereotype meat head. Can someone say “cycling off”?

In the end, tattooed cutie Lydia talked the meatheads into taking her off the block. Even though super dork Ronnie overplayed his hand, the jocks put up Braden in Lydia’s place. Braden is a very cool dude and the moron brigade is right to be afraid of him. His big crime? Everyone likes him. Good move guys. You might want to follow that by realizing that people don’t like stupid meathead bullies. Then again that much thinking might just pull the one muscle in their collective bodies not currently drowning in gorilla testosterone.

Ronnie genuinely looked scared when confronted about leaking the secret plan to put Braden up. Dude, try keeping a secret for more than three seconds.

Braden really seems like a cool guy. He reminds me of all the surfers I grew up with. Very laid back, friendly and pretty genuine despite a really bad haircut.

Still say that Chima has a big surprise in ‘her’ pants, but we’ll have to see about that one.

Oh and Laura, would you please stop saying that people hate you because you’re pretty. They don’t. If they hate you it’s because you’re a superficial, vapid girl with little going for you other than a huge set of hooters. And darin, don’t whine and say “it’s not my fault I have big boobs.” Umm, yeah it is. You didn’t go to sleep one night and wake up with those things bolted to your chest. Don’t get me wrong, they look great and I’m sure they are fun to play with, but you don’t get to play the woe is me card.

Man I love this show. I can’t help it.

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