Watching my Girlfriend 4

Watching my Girlfriend 4

Movie Type: Vignette
176 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest
THEMES: Voyeurism, Dirty Talk, Watching
STARS: Alex Coal, Alexis Zara, Edible Aubrey, Addie Addison, Jason Moody, Ramon Nomar, Logan Pierce, Oliver Flynn


This movie delivers what it promises. If you like the idea of watching your girlfriend (Or being watched by your boyfriend) during sex with another guy, then this is just what you’re looking for. The action is well shot with a lot of interaction with the camera. It’s not full POV, but it is definitely shot with the core audience in mind. All of the women in this movie understand the theme perfectly and interact really well with the camera. It is pretty tough to beat Alex Coal, especially in a movie where she gets to play a role and talk dirty. Her scene is my favorite because it is the perfect mix of energy, eye candy and she nails the voyeurism theme. Addie Addison is extremely cute and fun to watch. She also plays the role well and is on my short list of performers to watch for. Edible Aubrey and Alexis Zara are also entertaining. They are enthusiastic and stay focused on camera enough to be believable in the action. This is an absolute hit if you’re into the genre with enough good stuff for everyone else.

Alex Coal & Jason Moody

Sexy Alex Coall calls an old college flame and invites him over. She brings him inside to fuck her in front of her boyfriend. He has no problem with that. Alex encourages her boyfriend to take out his cock and watch while she enjoys being eaten. With those thighs spread and her pussy wet, he slides right in. They open up for the camera and play to it as if we are all in the room watching. Pulling it out, he lets Alex puts her mouth to work. Alex has some great oral skills and enjoys that big fat pole. If you like the “watching your girlfriend” angle, it is hard to imagine anyone playing to the camera any better. Looking over her shoulder while riding him, she talks to the camera with just the right tone. I love the reverse cowgirl in this scene. Alex stares right into the camera and enjoys the hell out of the big dick pumping in and out of her pussy. While we get to enjoy watching her in action, she also plays up the fantasy aspect to perfection. Jason finishes off on her belly and Alex licks her fingers clean.

Alexis Zara & Ramon Nomar

There is nothing at all subtle about the way Alexis Zara kicks off the action. She teases the camera, talking dirty and setting the stage. When Ramon shows up, she continues to talk to the camera while getting that cock out of his pants. Her mouth fills quickly and she bobs her head hard, stopping every few strokes to talk to her man. She keeps it up when she mounts his rod, showing off a very nice ass, good energy and constantly engaging with the camera. There are some really nice “watching my girlfriend” angles as she shows off her body and her utter joy at having another dude slam her clam. She turns her ass to the camera and lets him cover it with a big load of cum.

Addie Addison & Logan Pierce

Addie Addison is really cute and she is happy to tease her man in some lingerie while talking about what she is going to do with the other guy. She is still grinning when Logan shows up he is a little nervous about being watched. Addie assures him that everything will be fine and proceeds to pull out his cock. She looks right at the camera and keeps talking while stroking his shaft. Once he is warmed up, it’s off to the bedroom so he can eat her pussy and leave her mouth free to talk to her man. Addie’s legs spread wide so he can slide in there and fill her juicy hole. She is super cute and any time she is talking to the camera, the action is just so fucking hot. He finishes up on her face and she smiles at her man. This is a scene you won’t want to miss from a young woman who should be on your must-see list.

Edible Aubrey & Oliver Flynn

Edible Aubrey is a pretty young woman with full lips, pretty eyes and braces for those of you who enjoy that aspect. She and Oliver both talk to the camera to make sure everything is alright before they get started. She knees and sucks him for a bit before they move to the bedroom. Once there, she can spread out, face the camera and really get to work. Talking to her man and encouraging him to take his cock out and stroke it. While she rides the big dick, Audrey keeps smiling at the camera and seems to enjoy putting on a show. Oliver flips her over and fucks her hard, enjoying that tight pussy and making his pretty partner moan.

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