T-Girl Space Pirates

T-Girl Space Pirates


Movie Type: Feature
80 Mins
Bad Girl Mafia
DIRECTOR: Lexis Steele
THEMES: Trans Porn, Comedy, Space Pirates
STARS: Raven Roxy, Ryley, Kimber Haven, Daddy T, Aimee Foxx



This humorous space romp earned a handful of AVN Award nominations. They did some cool things on a low budget including poking fun of that low budget. It is a basic space adventure were the captain and crew fuck one another while a saboteur runs around screwing things up and a masked dude sticks his dick into anyone he can. Kimber Haven is the captain and commands the ship even while taking the bottom in a scene with Daddy T. Raven Roxy and Ryley carry most of the dialog and the sexual load (loads?) as well. They open the movie fucking each other and then both have one on one scene later. The costumes and sets are fun and definitely feel like some people took the time to do the most with what they have to work with. The low lighting adds to the fun of the B movie feel, but also leaves some of the sexual action largely in shadows. If you really want to see all of the penetration you may want to look elsewhere .Otherwise this is good for a few laughs and worth a look if you fantasy checklist includes snarky Trans space pirates.

Raven Roxy & Ryley

While piloting their ship to the outer rim, Raven Roxy and Ryley decide to pass the time by having sex. The low budget space set fits the silly tone of the movie, but the warehouse lighting is likely to limit the scene’s appeal to those who like heavy shadow and washed out pale flesh. Ryley is the tech and also the nerdy bottom in this scene. Raven does some face fucking then takes Ryley from behind. All the while, the tattooed techie sports a small and soft package. Raven dumps a load on Ryley’s mostly shadow less face.

Kimber Haven & Daddy T.

The ship falls out of hyperspace just in time for the captain (Kimber Haven) to get a little dick from Daddy T. (Who has a mask on and sounds not unlike Bane.) Blue haired Kimber licks and sucks with a lot of gusto, letting slobber accumulate after gagging on his dick. The captain might be in charge of the ship, but bends over and is on the receiving end of an aggressive fuck. This time the shadows are pretty severe and it’s hard to tell exactly what is going on. It looks like Kimber is doing some serious self-satisfaction while Daddy T pounds the ass, but it is all in the dark until Kimber shoots a load all over the couch…errr the captain’s chair on the starship.

Ryley & Daddy T

After fixing the hyper drive, Ryley gets cornered by the Captain’s special friend. He growls about being horny and ends up getting a blowjob from the pigtailed engineer. The make and voice filter make the hyper “rough” dirty talk sound even sillier than it normally would. I suppose that is a turn on to someone, but to me it was just about the funniest thing in this space comedy. After sucking, Ryley gets on top, rocking hard enough for that cock to flop around like crazy. They add some stroking and Ryley gets a slo-mo replay after busting a nut.

Aimee Foxx & Raven Roxy

After learning that there is a saboteur on board, Raven goes looking and finds Aimee Foxx trying to stall the ship. It’s a case of an ex who isn’t over it and wants one more go around. After some oral sex, Raven seems more than happy to stick around. Perhaps Aimee could have skipped the sabotage and led with the BJ. There are considerably fewer shadows to deal with so if you like being able to see every bit of the action, then the lighting is better in this scene. Raven enjoys the long blowjob enough to thrust and do some mild face fucking. Staying on the receiving end, Aimee bends over and gets pumped hard by the ships security officer. Raven even manages to fuck Aimee in midair for a bit before they get on the floor for spoon. (At some point the camera seems to drift completely off of the action as if unmanned and just not quite aimed correctly) No visible pop on this one, but there is a bit of a joke with the used condom.


3 Responses to “T-Girl Space Pirates”

  1. Terry says:

    I found this t-girl space adventure to be fun and hot! It made me very horny! I spurted a huge load of cum right after Tink (Ryley) had her cumshot replayed in slo-mo! Kimber Haven’s and Raven Roxx’s sex scenes were very hot, also! All in all, a great combination of sci-fi and porno!

  2. Terry says:

    I just had my second viewing of this sci-fi/porno space adventure. It was just as much fun and just as hot as the first viewing! However, I couldn’t get past where Tink(Ryley) is giving head to Thrudd(Daddy T) before I had to spill my cum! I finished watching this fun video anyway! I highly recommended this space journey aboard the starship Conquest!

    • Roger T. Pipe says:

      Thank you for the input. Always good to have reader comments in addition to the review. I agree the movie was really fun and cool to see what they did with such a low budget. Not my thing sexually, but I can see the appeal for people who enjoy comedy with their chosen flavor of smut.

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