Hookup Hotshot: Sex Messages

Hookup Hotshot: Sex Messages


Movie Type: All Sex
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Bryan Gozzling
312 Mins
THEMES: Hook Up Sex, Tiny Tits, Natural Tits, Rough Sex, Gagging, Squirting, Choking, Facials
STARS: Vina Sky, Natalia Queen, MacKenzie Moss, Allie Addison, Bryan Gozzling


I don’t think it is by accident that Bryan Gozzling’s movies remind me a lot of old Max Hardcore fare. He seems to like women with a similar built to Max’s preferred frame, dresses them in similar colorful, often outlandish outfits and fucks with a lot of the same energy. I don’t think it’s a secret that there is a lot of Max’s influence in Bryan’s work. I also think it goes beyond the obvious. Like Max, Bryan is very capable of shooting great porn for long stretches of times. Then, things can just veer off into some very odd fetish material that often leave me scratching my head and reaching for the fast forward button. Bryan’s intros feature the girls stripping and standing perfectly still while he inspects, chokes and manhandles them. It is really odd and borders on a creepy mannequin fetish that often distracts from some great eye candy. The set ups are pretty good with a lot of on screen texting over public clothed teasing. The dirty talk and hook up texts work for people who like the fantasy and don’t require a lot of dialog to get to the point. The sex is fine, mostly formulaic with the same positions in each bang (Not unusual these days to be sure) and usually pretty messy on the oral. While it doesn’t always work for me, there is a lot of good here. First and foremost, the cast is top notch. The first disc in better in this regard than the second. Vina Sky and Natalia Queen are both exceptionally cute, very sex petite stars who know how to make a scene work. I really like both of them in this movie. Even if I tuned out for some of the rougher elements, I liked the energy and found the eye candy fantastic. MacKenzie Moss and Allie Addison star in the two scenes on the second disc. They are really petite and young looking (Even compared to Vina and Natalia) and that kind of left me cold when combined with the catatonic posing and groping. For fans who really like what Bryan does, these might be perfect scenes. For my money, the first disc is worth watching and probably re-watching. So we have come full circle. Like old Max Hardcore movies, this one has me praising the hell out of the good stuff and wondering what the hell all that other stuff is about. Enjoy accordingly.

Vina Sky & Bryan Gozzling

Dressed in some super tight shorts and a revealing top, Vina Sky has a sexy text conversation with Bryan while strutting around in an alley. All the boys treat her like an “innocent princess” when all she really wants is to be fucked like a whore. That is exactly what Bryan has in mind so they are a perfect match. She shows up at his door looking more than ready to be fucked. He takes his time undressing her, examining her petite, tight body and pawing at every inch of her. Focusing on her ass he has her spread it and then licks the tight little bud. Having passed this inspection, Vina spreads her legs on the couch so he can sample and play with both holes. The finger play is intense, very long and ends with Mina spraying all over the couch and floor. Ready to have her mouth fucked, Vina kneels at his feet and puts her lips around his cock. There are some POV shots of her pretty face as she tries to swallow every inch. She gets pretty close when he gives her a couple of helping hands. They switch from blowjob back to squirting, this time with Bryan collecting it in a glass trashcan. This feels like a bit of a waste since the BJ footage was so hot, but Bryan’s gotta Gozzling. They finally start fucking with Mina’s legs pushed up over her head. She looks beautiful and this part of the scene is perfectly shot. Before flipping her over for doggy, he fucks her face, getting is messy with drool. This is what Mina came over for and responds well to the hard fucking. There are some really great shots during the fucking that leaves Mina a complete mess. By the time he cums in her mouth, it almost feels like an afterthought. This isn’t really my favorite kind of porn, but it is intense and Mina is still worth watching.

Natalia Queen & Bryan Gozzling

Sexy blonde nymph Natalia Queen is next up. She can barely keep her hands off of her pussy as she texts with Bryan. Her clothes get moved out of the way for some sexy selfies and a little bit of self-pleasure. When she shows up at his door, he is very happy with how she looks. Inviting her in, Bryan has her stand still while he shoots her body and then does his little manhandling the mannequin routine that passes as foreplay in these flicks. Natalia has a lovely tight body and I like the way she looks in her shorts. Eventually he moves in for a closer look, licking and fingering her holes while Natalia holds her legs up in the air. Her petite body is exposed and that tight little pussy looks plenty juicy. Natalia then kneels as she orally appreciates his meat. She does a really good job of making nearly every inch disappear with no help at all. When he does finally start grabbing her hair and fucking her mouth, the drool comes quickly. Pulling her legs back again, she is ready to have her wet pussy pounded. After a few hard strokes there he has her hand her head upside down to fuck her face again. This time she gets so messy she can barely open her eyes as she turns over for doggy. There are close up shots of her mess face as she talks to the camera. We also get some really nice shots of her ass and thighs while he pounds away from behind. After another BJ, they repeat the doggy on the floor with a lot of hair pulling and daddy talk. They finish off with a big load right onto her face. Great finish to this scene.

MacKenzie Moss & Bryan Gozzling

Blonde MacKenzie Moss has her hair in pigtails as she texts Ryan. With her hair like this, her colorful clothes and tiny tits, MacKenzie really does look like she came right out of a vintage Max Hardcore movie. He invites her in and poses her in front of the couch, getting some good shots of her rail thin body as he inspects her. This includes her posing like a doll and some choking for those of you keeping score at home. She stands naked while he plays with her pussy for a really long time. They move to the couch where she spreads her legs, he oils her up and works over her pink slit with his fingers. A half an hour into the scene she opens her mouth and he starts to fuck her face. There is good eye contact but after a while she just kind of stares into the camera with a lifeless glaze in her eyes. I assume that is what they were going for and that it appeals to someone, but it kind of creeps me out. Once her face is messy enough, she throws her legs over her head and he fucks her pussy for a bit. They move her to take some upside down face fucking and then he drags her by the hair to the floor. No matter how hard he fucks her, MacKenzie takes it just fine. Before she is finished, she does some serious deep throat, ass eating and wears his cum on her face and tits. If really thin young performers in Bryan’s brand of smut is what you have been waiting for, then this scene hits it out of the park.

Allie Addison & Bryan Gozzling

The finale is mostly more of the same. Allie Addison is a thin young woman who looks a bit like a neon hippie as she texts from an alley. She shows up, goes inside and strips down to pose while he oils her up. Allie is built similarly to MacKenzie so if you like tiny tits and flat tummies then this second disc is going to make you really happy. Her stripper shoes are so huge that it is a wonder she hold them up for as long as she does as he fingers and eats her holes. After turning her into a human bowling ball, he whips out his cock for her. Allie gets a chance to suck it with no help for a bit and that gives us some great looking eye contact. Eventually he ends that by fucking her face and choking her as they get her messy. Pulling her legs back she enjoys the way he works his dick in and out of her shaved pussy. Rolling over, she sucks his cock as he makes her cup her hands and collect spit for later use. Once she is messy enough, he puts her on the floor for doggy with her ass high in the air. Returning to oral, she works his cock, balls and ass with her tongue until it’s time for the popshot. He shoots it all over her tongue and face, sending Allie home with a smile.

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