Katie Morgan Cyberskin Ass


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Name: Katie Morgan Cyberskin Ass

Manufactured By: Topco Sales


Katie Morgan  Cyberskin Pussy

Type of Toy: Cyberskin Stroker

Price: $33.00 at SexToyFun.com

Bottom Line: Tight & Compact


3.5″ x 3.5″ x 7″ deep.

Material: Phthalate free Cyberskin

Best For: Tight Stroking


Last week I reviewed the Katie Morgan Cyberskin Pussy. (Read Review Here) and found it to be a solid toy. Compact and made of great material it gets the job done. The same can be said for Katie’s other molded toy. This time we get the back door and the fit is even tighter this time around. Like the pussy it is easy to handle and made of really pleasant material. It says it is molded from Katie’s ass, but to be honest, it’s just the hole and how much of a difference is there from one to another? If Katie’s ass is this tight then it’s plenty snug.

What makes this unit so effective is the size and ease of use. It makes it really easy to break out whenever the mood strikes you. It’s super tight though so make sure you have a whole lot of lube on hand. Use some on yourself and make sure to lube up the unit or you might find it too tight for comfort. (Come on guys, it’s an ass toy, lube it up like you would your lady.) The Cyberskin material is really soft and very smooth. When well lubed it is about as close to real thing as you can find. The entire unit fits easily into your hand and is soft enough for you to apply extra pressure to whatever pleasure zone might require it. That makes for a very pleasurable experience that you can customize with just a little squeezing.

The opposite end of the unit is open for easy cleaning, but be careful. It’s about 7.5″ inches deep so bigger guys will want to be careful not to pop out the other side. You also want to take that into consideration at “magic time” so you don’t shoot out the back and ruin your keyboard, clothes or season that soup you were making for dinner with special sauce.

Katie Morgan’s Cyberskin ass is even tighter than her Cyberskin pussy. Just add (a lot of) lube and have a great time. It is a great stroker for fans of the anal action. The material is also soft enough to squeeze your hand for an even tighter fit. It isn’t deep enough for long strokes and you can’t really pound it like the bigger units, but this is a hot and tight little stroker. It can definitely get the job done and is easy to clean up and put away.

If you like portable, tight strokers and want to imagine fucking the awesome Katie Morgan, this toy will get the job done and get it done well.

A note on cleaning and care. Obviously you want to make sure you wash the inside thoroughly. I don’t think anyone wants to think about what could build up if you put her away without properly washing out the inside of Roxy. You want her fresh and ready for the next date. Since this is not a cheap toy, you should be careful to follow the recommended Cyberskin care instructions.

Wash after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water

Pat dry with soft, cotton towel and allow to air dry completely

To properly maintain your CyberSkin product, generously apply Renew to restore the original soft, non-sticky texture

Keep CyberSkin toys separate from other toys when not in use

Store CyberSkin in a plastic bag with a small amount of Renew in a cool, dry place

WARNING: DO NOT use mineral oil or oil based products as a lubricant as it may cause deterioration of CyberSkin. Water-based lubricants or climax brand Silicone lubricants are ideal. If any other lubricant is used, clean toy immediately after use to prevent deterioration. Add Renew to extend the life of the toy.

Weaknesses: None.

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Easy to clean with warm water and toy cleaner. For longer life, use Renew on the toy after each use.

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