First Time Asian Girls


First Time Asian Girls


68 Mins.


THEMES: Asian Girls New Girls


STARS: Rena, Marie, Lara, Bea


As most of you already know, I love Asian girls. Don’t know why and I don’t need to explore it much. So I was really looking forward to this movie. Some of these overseas Asian new girl lines are troublesome though. The girls just don’t quite know what to do on camera. That’s the case in this movie and then some. Some of the girls are cute enough, but they all have about as much personality as the box this DVD came in. The guys don’t help things either. If anything they make it worse. The sex is uninspired at best, hard to watch at worst. The lighting is bad, the camerawork is bad and the girls look like they would rather be having root canal surgery sans anesthesia and suck or fuck. If you like cute, fresh Asian girls who are (most likely) hookers then you might like this. If you’re looking for heat, energy or passion, look somewhere else. There are just too many good Asian themed porn flicks out there to waste your time on something this bad.


This girl calls herself Joanna during a short interview, but is listed as Lara on the box and in the credits. Whatever we call her, she is a very cute girl is quite tiny. The guy doesn’t speak English so he just sits there while we find out that Lara is a dancer working her way through school. That’s it for the background info. He whips out his dick and she goes right to work on it. The blowjob is over before you can even begin to enjoy it. He turns her around and fucks her with her dress still on. The creaking bench makes more noise than she does at first, but this little cutie has a tight little body on display. That bench doesn’t sound comfortable and when Lara rolls onto her back she looks to be in a lot of pain. (Not from his dick though.) As cute as she is, there is something depressing about watching a girl who clearly isn’t having a good time. You can see why when she gets on top. There are marks all over her back from the stupid couch. Was there no other furniture in this place? About the only time she seems to smile is when she thinks he’s getting close to cumming. He finally dumps on her stomach and she looks thrilled that it’s over.


This girl calls herself Rose over and over, but her name isn’t important. She dumped her boyfriend because he is “too horny” and wanted “boom boom” twice a day. Only one boom boom today for this girl and she seems happy about is as she spreads her thighs and shows off her furry box. When the guy comes in Marie talks to his dick and is kind of cute. She keeps looking to the camera for direction though and doesn’t really show much in the way of oral skills. It’s mostly some tongue flicking on his balls before she spreads her legs and lets him fuck her. She doesn’t seem thrilled about that either to be honest. When she does talk (in her native tongue) it is half to the camera and half to the guy so it really doesn’t work on any level. There are some visually pleasing shots of her on her back with her knees to her chest, but there just isn’t much sexual energy here. Part of the appeal of this movie is that the girls are so new and fresh, but I like to see some enthusiasm even from new girls. The lighting isn’t great either so when they move into doggy the underneath shots are just dark and really don’t’ offer much. Marie cracks a smile in reverse cowgirl and almost fucks like she’s having fun. Back down she goes for a shot on her belly. There was almost something worth watching here near the end.


Cute Rena admits that she doesn’t like giving blowjobs. That’s exactly what the want her to do though. Sadly this cutie sucks like a girl who doesn’t like giving a blowjob and the end result is something completely unwatchable. The guy isn’t helping. He has a tiny little limp dick that she strokes off with a couple of fingers. For the first time in the movie I am thankful that the BJ is so short. Stripping down Rena doesn’t show us her body at all. She just lies on her back and lets him fuck her while the camera finds the tightest angle possible. Every few minutes they stop so that she can put it back in her mouth, but this babe is counting the minutes until it’s all over. What a mess.


Bea calls herself Chloe (or vice versa) and is an 18 year old Filipina girl with braces. She says she has only had sex with one boy before. Cute and shy, she gets fondled more than the others by the creepy dude behind the camera. Her breasts are lovely and she has a cute body to go along with a really nice face. When the guy shows up she sucks like a girl who hasn’t done it a whole lot. Bea literally sticks the dick in her mouth and just kind of holds it there. She’s pretty, but the girl clearly doesn’t really care much about what she’s doing and the guy doesn’t help her at all. She climbs on top and wiggles on his tiny dick with no reaction to it at all. I don’t think I have ever seen a couple move so little during a porn scene. I’m not sure which is more disconcerting though, the lack of movement or the near silence. If not for passing motor scooters outside I don’t know that there would be any audio at all. The guy fucks her and shoots his load on her belly. Even two feet from her face, the goo brings a look of abject horror to Bea’s cute face. The only person more thrilled that Bea to see this end is me.

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