Hotwife Bound 4

Hotwife Bound 4

Movie Type: Vignette
172 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest
THEMES: Hotwife, Bondage, Voyeurism, Big Boobs
STARS: Kendra Spade, Ivy Wolfe, Gianna Dior, Angela White, James Deen, Chad White, Logan Pierce, Mick Blue


Adding a little spice to the hotwife stuff they have been producing, New Sensations tosses some bondage into the mix. Not serious fetish stuff, just some playful cuff and rope play. At its heart, this is a hot wife and voyeur movie with some outstanding dirty talk along the way. All four scenes have nice set up to establish the action and then really well shot sex scenes. Some of them feature POV interaction as if the husbands are right there in the room. Those scenes stand out a bit. Another thing the movie had going for it is a very attractive cast. All four women are quite pretty and any time you have Angela White on your cover, you off to a great start. Kendra Spade is really pretty and kicks the movie off with James Deen. Her husband is not present, but gives them a call to set up something special. A nice facial rounds out a solid opening scene. Angela White swoops in the second scene and steals the show. (No surprise there.) Her husband is in the room with them and that allows Angela to play to the camera for some super hot POV style hotwifing. Her dirty talk and direct interaction are as spot on as anything in the movie. Of course she also brings to the table her complete arsenal of sexual skills, good looks and of course, boobs. Her face, body and sexual energy make the scene great. This scene perfectly captures the fantasy of being lucky enough to be married to such a beautiful woman and to watch her be naught. The light bondage play make it interesting, but it is her attitude and hot talk that make it perfect for this movie and easily the best scene of the bunch. Ivy Wolfe brings a very different energy to her scene. She plays nervous and does so very well. This adds a layer of realism that makes Ivy very appealing and the scene work. Gianna Dior closes out the movie with a very hot scene. She is beautiful and built for fun and that helps. Her submissive attitude throughout the action makes it work and of course like all the other wives in this movie, she is performing as part of a loving relationship with her man. This is a great movie overall. The cast is hot, the sex is well shot, Angela White is worth the price of admission by herself and it hits on its two main themes pretty well. The bondage aspect is very light, but the hotwife and voyeur themes are absolutely nailed. If you are into this at all, do not miss this movie.

Kendra Spade & James Deen

We open with Kendra Spade giving James Deen very sloppy head. He picks up his phone and talks to Kendra’s husband. She gets on the phone and says she misses him and can’t wait to see him. There is also a surprise in the works. That surprise is that James is going to give her more than just a garden variety fucking today. With a table covered in BDSM toys, James bends her over and drives her insane with his tongue and fingers. He is then in the perfect position to slide his dick in from behind. He bends her wrists together while she wiggles her hips and really responds to his deep strokes. Turning around she uses her still bound hands to stroke him off into her waiting mouth. They move to the bed and he unties her hands so she can freely suck and stroke his cock as he prepares for the next round. Pulling her on top, James lets Kendra work her hips and ride him. He flips her over and works every inch of dick into her wet and waiting pussy. The hard strokes soon have her screaming as she gets bounced all over the bed. He leaves her with a big load all over her pretty face.

Angela White & Mick Blue

Gorgeous Angela White is getting dressed in front of the mirror. She wonders aloud if Mick will like her lingerie and how it shows off her curves. Well of course he will because damn. Fucking damn. Angle is talking to the camera as if it is her husband, wondering if she has time to cum before Mick shows up. She gets on a Sybian and moans as the vibrations stoke the fires of desire in this sexy hotwife. Watching her ride and cum is quite hot and things haven’t even really kicked off yet. Mick shows up and is pleased to see Angela on the Sybian. He ties her arms behind her back and admires how this position makes her magnificent breasts stick out even more prominently. Angela has to bed her husband for permission to suck Mick’s cock and when that permission is granted she cums almost right away. The Sybian has her shaking and screaming until they turn it off. Now Angela can get down to the serious cock sucking. Mike ties her up and plays with Angela’s perfect body while she plays to the camera beautifully. As hot as the action looks I almost feel like the interaction with the camera is what really makes it work. Watching her get fucked from behind as her perfect boobs sway under her body is fantastic, but hearing her talk dirty to the camera makes it so, so much hotter. Looking right into the camera, she rides in reverse cowgirl, telling us to watch her “fucking tits bounce” and I dare you guys not to lose a load to this perfect bit of sexy smut. They finish with Mick shooting a big load right into her mouth. I don’t want to discourage your from watching the rest of the movie, but there is no fucking way there is a hotter scene on this DVD.

Ivy Wolfe & Chad White

Ivy Wolfe is nervous about having her lover come over to tie her up. She expresses these feelings to her husband as she shows off her thin body in bra and panties. To help herself relax Ivy puts on a little solo show for her man, rubbing her pussy and getting the juices flowing. When Chad arrives, Ivy is still nervous but he assures her immediately that he likes what he sees and that she is in good hands. He works his way down her body and licks her pussy gently, building up more trust and plenty of sexual excitement. The bondage is worked in slowly, starting with her wrists which are tied before some more oral attention. Chad move her gently to the floor where she takes his cock into her bound hands and starts sucking it. She really gets into it, working her mouth until she is out of breath and practically begging him to fuck her pussy. Ivy gets bent over the table and fucked hard. She also screams about being a “dirty girl” while Chad spanks her tiny ass. There is good interaction with the camera for the hotwife angle and some really sexy shots of her legs when he pushes them up over her head for a while. Ivy is very enthusiastic and plays to the camera well. The bondage aspect is downplayed but this is a really solid hotwife scene. She keeps her shoes on and during some very spirited reverse cowgirl they are featured prominently. Add some bonus points if that’s your thing. To finish up Chad fires a big load right at her face. It’s an impressive shot for sure.

Gianna Dior & Logan Pierce

Gianna Dior gets all dolled up and is ready to play with Logan Pierce. Her husband has given him strict instructions that she is to be bound and gagged while being taught the art of submission. Gianna will do anything her husband says and goes along with the plan. First she spreads herself wide on top of the piano while Logan licks and fingers her pussy to a wet, slick state of readiness. Moving her down to the floor, Logan turns Gianna loose on his cock. She is very pretty and looks up at him adoringly while blowing that cock. She looks very cute on her knees with her hands bound and the collar around her neck. Standing her up, he bends her over the piano and starts fucking that pussy. The energy builds as she gets on top and bounces hard on his cock. Her hands are still bound, but Gianna is really having fun here. Fucking her harder, Logan lets Gianna rub her clit to really get the juices flowing. They finish up with a shot on her face and some shots with her ring quite prominently displayed.

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