Does The Promise Of Teledildonics Work With UfeelTV?

Does The Promise Of Teledildonics Work With UfeelTV?

With over 81 million visitors per day, Porn Hub is a modern phenomenon. Featuring a wide range of channels there is something there for everyone. One such channel is uFeeltv, which comes complete with teledildonics with which you can take your fleshlight wanking experience to a whole new level. This team-up promises so much, but does it deliver?

What Are Teledildonics?

Put simply, teledildonics allows you to synchronize your wanking experience with what you see on the screen. There are a variety of devices that take any standard sized Fleshlight with the sleeve of your choice and can use it to jerk you automatically. The Ufeeltv channel works with the leading automated jerking machines via an app, all the videos on the channel have been specially developed to ensure that every stroke is transmitted to your cock when you see it on screen.

The UFeeltv Channel

The Ufeeltv channel is a fantastic concept, but sadly one that falls a little flat in the execution. There are a wide range of videos available and all of them are superbly synchronized. In terms of a masturbatory experience it is fine, the strokes perfectly match the depth and speed of the action. The problem is that it is just trying too hard for the moment. The majority of the videos feel a little like early 3D films that focused too much on showing off the system, and not enough on the overall experience. Just as the old 3D films of girls on swings and so on could make you sick, many on Ufeeltv make you very self-conscious. The last thing you want to be reminded about when you’ve got a machine strapped to your cock is the fact you’ve got a machine strapped to your cock!

The Point of View (POV) videos are excellent and allow for greater immersion but compared to WankzVR’s ability to give you a full 360 degree experience, it feels lacking. POVs do have a distinct advantage in that it is easier to imagine yourself as part of the action which allows you to get lost in the experience.

An oddity with the Ufeeltv offerings are the lesbian and self-masturbatory videos. It is extremely odd to be experiencing real-time synchronized fucking with two lovely ladies fisting one another. It is equally odd to be “feeling what the dildo feels”. As arousing as these videos are they lose their luster when used with the teledildonic system very quickly indeed.

Overall this is a great start with some videos that really use the potential for the system well but it is not there yet. Pornhub is working to synchronize far more of their content with this system and when this happens it will really take off. Who wouldn’t, for example, want to be John in his Fake Taxi?

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