Doc Johnson Wonder Bullet



Doc Johnson: 7 Woners Wonder Bullet (Reviewed by Britney)

Type of Toy: Vibrator/Mini Bullet


Bottom Line: 7 Wonderful Settings

Price: $10.99 at

Manufacturer: Doc Johnson (

Size: 1″ bullet.

Material: Non-Toix, Phthalate-Free Plastic

Best For: Clitoral stimulation.


I seem to be the go-to gal when it comes to water toys for this site. Imagine my surprise when Rog sent me a box of toys that weren’t shower safe. (I honestly don’t know what this would do in the shower. It might be fine.) The first toy out of this box is a little powerhouse from Doc Johnson called the Wonder Bullet. It is a 7 speed vibrating bullet with a handy little wired remove that controls everything. It is compact, discreet and very powerful.

The design is pretty basic. The bullet is perfect for clitoral stimulation or really light penetration. The remote is about three and a half inches long and fits nicely into the palm of your hand or the hand of a lover. There is one long button that controls everything. One end is the basic on/off while the other controls the seven settings. The bullet is your basic magic mini vibe, tiny and smooth but packing a wallop. The cord is small and discreet. Going wireless would naturally be better, but would also add a lot to the price so it is hard to complain about a little thing like a wire on an 11 buck toy that is this good.

The seven settings are a little tough to describe. The first four are basic vibrations with different speeds or power levels. They all get the job done and the forth was really strong so watch out. The other three switch things up a bit. The first is kind of a wobbly motion that was good if you don’t want constant bulls-eye on the clit stimulation. Next was a side to side motion that was interesting, but didn’t work well for me. (Things were a bit too slippery and it kept sliding off.) Finally there is one that went in circles that I found really nice for penetration. The controls are easy, but you can’t go directly from one to another so you have to cycle through to get to your favorite. Keep that in mind if you need a specific setting at the crucial moment.

So I tried this toy alone and found it to be quite good. The controls are easy to use, it is well designed and has just enough power to keep things interesting. To be fair, I used it along and was able to get off quite nicely. Then I came back to this little wonder with one of my favorite dildos for penetration and found it to be the perfect companion. Having passed that test I brought it along for my next overnight date with my special friend. It worked really well during intercourse. I held the control and the bullet stayed in place pretty well. Afterwards he took control and used all seven settings to see how much fun we could have. This toy is a lot of fun alone and even more fun with a partner.

Weaknesses: Non really. Wireless would be nice.

Batteries Needed: 3 AAA Not included

Clean Up: Soap & Water.

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