Make Me Creamy 4


Make Me Creamy 4


180 Mins.

Vouyer Media

DIRECTOR: Donny Cabo

THEMES: Creampies




STARS: Asa Akira, Iris Reyes, Rachel Milan, Nicole Ray, Emma Cummings & Jaclyn Case

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I don’t generally rush out to watch cream pie movies, but this one was a must see. This one is special though. It stars my future wife Asa Akira and that is reason enough for me to love it. It also stars some other hot babes like Emma Cummings and Rachel Milan, but Asa is my girl. As for the main attraction for most of you, the creampie shots are well done. The camera is good position and the girls get plenty creamy. Of equal importance to most of you, the sex is also quite good. These days it doesn’t matter how solid the finish is, if the action doesn’t hold up the then movie will fall apart. I like the tease and the sexual heat so much that I would recommend it even for non-creampie fans. Now let’s talk Asa. We have seen her in a number of Vouyer Media scenes and she has impressed every time. She’s spectacular looking, sexy as hell and makes everyone watching believe she really would be one of the hottest fucks ever. In this scene she works with two guys who rock her world just as she rocks ours. I hope Vince has a Best of Asa DVD planned so I can watch all of her scenes together. After watching her scene I have decided that there will be a double (or perhaps quadruple) creampie on our wedding night. (But no extra guys Asa, I’m going to all the work myself.)

Asa Akira, Sascha & Marco Banderas

Oh yeah, let’s start off on the right foot. She sits down for an interview with Cabo and just can’t help but be fucking awesome. While she talks, the bends over and that makes it easy for Sascha to come in and slide his dick into her tight wet pussy. She loves it and makes sure that everyone can hear just how much she’s enjoying herself. In the middle of the action, a second cock comes in so that her mouth doesn’t get lonely. It is tough to decide which end looks better. On the one hand we have that beautiful little pussy getting stuffed. On the other we have her lovely mouth sucking and talking dirty. Both options are pretty easy on the eyes. The guys keep Asa very busy and she matches their energy with plenty of her own. If there is a problem with this scene it is that the camera moves around more than it should. Asa is so fucking hot though that the whole thing is just great. As they get close to coming, Asa opens up and encourages them to give her that good. I’m not a huge fan of internal shots, but this scene is hot from start to finish.

Nicole Ray

With an uphill battle before her, Nicole wants someone to make her creamy. She sets out to suck some cock first. Cute and skilled she does her best, but after that nut busting opener things have definitely taken a step backwards. The guy bends her over some impressive standing doggy. The energy is good, but the picture looks washed out and it just never reaches the level we saw in the opener. She bounces hard in reverse cowgirl and really works hard to earn that load. The creampie ending gets in her pussy and all over it. This is a solid scene that would be much better if it were not on the heels of Asa.

Emma Cummings

Cute Emma shakes her sexy ass, giving us some nice looking tease footage. Emma has a nice butt, but even better looking eyes. Taking two cocks, she raises the heat level a few notches. I don’t like the washed out look, but the action itself is very good. Her mouth stays stuffed as she starts riding dick. Nice job keeping her ass in the shots. I haven’t seen Emma do a bad scene and this scene is just another great one in her growing body of work. This scene really shouldn’t be watched on a big screen though. The whitewashed background might cause severe eye strain. If you can get past that you’re in for a treat. This girl stays energetic and smiling as she gets totally railed. The creampies come from behind and spill out all over the couch. Emma is cute, but the picture issues hurt quite a bit.

Rachel Milan

Rachel shows off her meaty pussy lips. That’s quite a target for any meat puppet. She’s a cute girl too and that doesn’t hurt matters. Two guys get her warmed up with some oral and then examine the pink pussy. The pink shots are nice here and it will be the last time we see those folds without man mustard dripping from them. The guys take turns, rolling her back in reverse cowgirl so that the guy below pops out and guy number two gets his turn. The shots along the way that feature her shaved meaty lips are really good. They set up the sticky creampies really well. Once again we get a really good scene on the heels of a great one.

Iris Reyes

Isis is the last girl to enter into the creampie sweepstakes. Anxious to get to the action the guys put her up on all fours and start pumping the pussy. She busies her mouth with the second cock, giving good eye contact as her womb is prepared for a few million visitors. Adding something new to the mix, she bends way over and takes a cock up her ass. The guys actually go balls-deep in her ass and her mouth at the same time. That’s worth sticking around for. Since they are already in her ass, the guys just unload their sacks between her cheeks giving us two anal creampies and a serious mess as the movie ends.

Bonus: Trailers, Hardcore Pictures, Bonus Core (Bonus scene with Jaclyn Case) and Cutting Room Floor (BTS).

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