Guest Blog Wrap Up: Wednesday

Guest Blog Wrap Up: Wednesday

Aurora Snow & Tina Tyler Share a Positive Attitude

This year I had more guest bloggers than ever and they entertained us with a variety of topics. We had serious political issues, getting to know them pieces, state of the industry rants and one great “remember me” email. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did.
Tina Tyler: Laugher is the Best Medicine

Tina tells us about her experience with comedian Lewis Black. I always love hearing stories about celebrities who are nice to the people who come to see them. Our TV’s and magazines are filled with assholes and prima donnas who take fans for granted and act like their shit doesn’t stink. I have been lucky enough to meet a few high profile folks over the years and most of them are really nice. Then again I would imagine that celebrities are likely be nicer to someone like Tina than to someone like me. It’s the way of the world isn’t it?

Aurora Snow: Catching Up

I was really pleased to see Aurora write such a long blog. She’s been going through a lot since her brother’s accident and has done so quietly. Their family has been through a lot and if you have read her blogs on MySpace you will know that she often writes about the experiences with a great deal of emotional honesty and just a hint of poetry. She’s a good writer and I love the blog. She also covered a recent scene with Sean Michaels that I was able to help set up. (Leave it to me to get Sean laid. Like he needs my help.) I am hoping to help Aurora set up some video toy reviews and solo scenes for her. Be looking for more from Aurora.

As always I am sure that the guest bloggers would love your feedback. Drop me an email with any thoughts about anything that they have written.

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