Guest Blog Wrap Up: Tuesday

Guest Blog Wrap Up: Tuedsay

Tina Twice and Moxxie Maddron
This year I had more guest bloggers than ever and they entertained us with a variety of topics. We had serious political issues, getting to know them pieces, state of the industry rants and one great “remember me” email. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did.


Tina Tyler: Don’t Make Me Be Strong

Tina wrote this one in response to the feedback she got after discussing her cancer. It’s a tough thing when you let people know that bad things are going on. When you tell them in person they inevitably say “I’m sorry” and most offer to help in any way they can. I have found that the same is true via the net. People hear about these things and they want to say something. They want so express their concern, pray for you, send good thoughts or whatever they can. In Tina’s case the response was overwhelming. It is tough to stay positive in the face of adversity, but she is doing an amazing job. Just remember all of the positive things she has said. She is doing well, getting the best treatment and will come out of this on top. That doesn’t mean I’m not including you in my prayers Ms. T. You can’t convince me not to do that.

Moxxie Maddron: Honesty is the Best Policy

Moxxie is one of my favorite women in the business and when you read her blog you will know why. She’s very direct and I’m sure a lot of people reading this cringed when they saw in black and white how she nailed them. Look we all know that porn can be a sleazy business. It isn’t made up of choir boys, but like any business is filled with some good and some not so good people. I love Moxxie’s take on honesty in this business and hope you did too. Any thoughts? Send them in. For the record, my casting couch is strictly optional.

Tina Tyler: HD & Me

I love this blog. I’ve said for a long time that some porn really doesn’t need to be in HD or on Blu-Ray. It does fine when things are perfectly lit and the girls are in good make up. But do we really want to see some of the cheap net porn in HD? Can you imagine some of the Max Hardcore flicks on Blu-Ray? Yikes. So I’ve asked it before, but we can ask again. Do you really prefer porn on Blu-Ray or do you miss the fuzzy old days of VHS?

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