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Busy Week, Forgive Me

Will be Nice to Have it Over

Some of you already know what’s going on, but in case I’m away for a couple of days, miss emails or calls, I wanted to get everyone on the same page. Sorry if this is not porn related in the slightest.

About a month ago Mrs. Rog went in for her routine check ups. Long story short, they found some things they didn’t like, ordered a bunch of scary tests, found a “lump” did all the poking and prodding required and basically had the two us scared shitless for about three weeks there before vacation. The end result is not bad news though because what they found is not cancer. (Interesting enough I found that four words “they found a lump” can be devastating while the words “benign” and “polyp” seem to have mystical emotional healing powers.)

So it’s good news and I wont’ bore everyone with the horrible communication at the Dr. Office that has Mrs. Rog convinced for 72 hours that the worst possible results were waiting for her. Where we stand now is that she goes in for surgery on Thursday to have the non-cancerous material removed. Good news, but it’s still scary to be put under so she’s worried. Also very scary being so powerless is all of this. I know it will be OK, but it’s still a frightening thing to see someone you love go through this. They tell is it will all be fine and that she will be up and around the next day. Still, I don’t think we will breathe easy until it’s all out of her and they say again, nope, not cancer. Oh and by the way, no implants while they in there. She’s not coming out with a new set of bolt ons. a
So that’s it. If I’m away from the computer for a few days, forgive me. I’ll be at the hospital with her on Thursday and then hanging close as needed. (Still planning to go to the USC game on Saturday because she insists that she will be fine by then and that I will be driving her insane, but even that is a game time decision.)

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