BB11 Update: Like Counting Change in a Bucket


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BB11 Update: Backdoor & Backstabbing

Ronnie’s Days Are Numbered

Tuesday night, time for another BB11 update. Going to make this one quick because Hell’s Kitchen premiers tonight. Gotta love that reality TV.

I don’t remember a season of BB where there were so many players playing the game so hard this early. Usually people sort of feel each other out for a while before kicking into serious game mode. Ronnie has been going nuts and now Russell seems like he’s reaching across the aisle.

I was a little shocked to see him go off on Lydia the way he did and then not at all shocked when she returned the favor. That girls seems to be very easily set off these days. Just tweak her a little and she goes nuclear.

The veto competition was interesting. Quickly count out an exact amount of change in a bucket. I couldn’t believe that $100 in quarters was overshot by $460 bucks by Natalie. That’s almost six times what you were supposed to have. And then Ronnie missed it by over five hundred bucks. He either threw that competition in the worst possible way or he just isn’t nearly as smart as he thinks he is. (A recurring theme to be sure.)

Mrs. Rog caught an editing mistake. After round one Jeff’s board showed him to be off by $5.80 when he was actually off by $12.50. They used a shot from the next round out of order. Good call babe.

It was nice to see Jeff win. He was close in every round and seemed to be the only one who didn’t panic and start shoving joins into the bucket. It was also nice to see Russell hanging his head, but I have a bad feeling that all the talk of a plan is just a lot of hype. Much like a Gianna Michaels scene (Until this week) there will be a lot of action, a lot of screaming and no back door action.

When did Russell start calling himself “The Shotgun.” Dude, that’s just the biggest word you could spell. Don’t be too proud of that. To steal an old line from Jim Rome, one of the primary rules of the Jungle is “Thou shalt not gloss thy self,” Get over it Russell. You’re more like a popgun anyway.

And in the end. Ronnie chose Jordan to go up in Jeff’s place. What? The two hottest chicks in the house on the block so one of them has to go home. Nice going King Dork. You couldn’t pick one of the meatheads?

So Ronnie spends the whole time gathering votes against Russell and the only one who objects is Jessie and Ronnie folds? He’s got the votes in his pocket to boot Russell, has told everyone in the house he wants him out and then he just goes with Jordan?Cindi said Ronnie’s new nickname is Rat Boy, but it’s pretty clear that he’s Jessie’s bitch. Someone should ask who gives better head, Lydia or Ronnie.

What a fucking tool.

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