Summer’s Here: Big Brother Time

Big Brother Time

Guilty Pleasure Indeed

It’s summer again folks. That means it’s time for Big Brother. Yes indeed, I am guilty of watching the show religiously and actually giving a crap who wins. Sue me, I like it. I know some of you do too, even if you don’t want to admit it.

As usual, the first few days are pretty cool with the changes in the house and all those new personalities to get to know. I like the clique angle. Hell, it was going to happen anyway. Why not kick it off officially?

My early season euphoria has been burst though because Jessie is back. Perhaps the single biggest fucking tool in the history of television, this brainless, dickless piece of monkey crap is back with an even bigger ego that before. Tattooed Lydia was nice to say that we should look beyond the outer look to see why lies beyond. What a great attitude Lydia. The problem is that with Jessie, what lies underneath is a vile human being with the IQ of a garden slug and enough humility to fill his miniscule jock strap. If this guy doesn’t go home soon, it could be a really long summer.

My other first thought is that Chima is a very strange woman with an odd name. She has either had WAY too much plastic surgery, or she is the biggest “expect the unexpected” in a long time. Chima? Pronounced Shema? As in She-Male? Anyone get that vibe from ‘her’?

All right, back to reviewing porn, but expect plenty of BB madness this summer. I’m hooked and I ain’t looking for a reality-TV 12 step.

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