Just Perfect Purple from Cal Exotics



Just Perfect Purple (Reviewed by Savana Switzer)

Overall rating: A+

Name: Just Perfect

Type of Toy: Vibrator.


Bottom Line: Just perfect is just perfection!

Price: $45.99 at PEXXX.com

Manufacturer: California Exotic

Size: 9″ long, 5 1/2″ around.

Material: Hard plastic.

Best For: Penetration

Review: A+

I’ve come a long way from when I first began reviewing toys for Rog a year ago. That isn’t necessarily to say I’ve gotten any better, but I have increased my taste for what I find yummy in the sex toy market. A year ago, the Just Perfect would have been Just Wrong, especially with the ribbed vibrations along the shaft. Now, a more enlightened sex toy reviewer, I look forward to reviewing toys that would have made my former self cringe; the bigger, the better.

At 9″ long with 6 1/2″ that are insertable, Just Perfect is just that: perfect. Although I had a decent porn going on in the background, I can’t even recall what the title was because I was completely distracted by working the vibrator inside. Despite how turned on and frantic I was to get myself off, I have still not fully accommodated to items so thick, and had to work it in with some effort. Eventually, there was enough lubrication for it to be guided in and pulled out with ease.

The ribbing on the shaft was both tantalizing and stretching, creating the right amount of pain to be pleasurable. I doubt I’ll ever be someone who enjoys burning hot candle wax or being whipped, but there are very few things that are as pleasurably delicious as the small jolt of pain that comes from stretching slightly to accommodate a thrusting member. In fact, the most intense orgasm I ever had resulted from sex so rough, it felt like he was going to run through my spinal cord.

After beginning with the Just Perfect, I was mildly concerned that even if I didn’t sustain a wrist sprain, I might still run the risk of ramming it through my spine due to the sheer force and frenzy behind my frantic frig fest. Twisting on the vibrations only compelled me to go harder, pushing me over the edge to tumble in the swirling pheromones of a climax so powerful, I thought I would bring down the house with the intensity of my post-orgasm gyrations on the bed. With orgasms this good, it’s too bad I don’t smoke because it would be the ideal opportunity to light up and bask in the afterglow.

In conclusion, Just Perfect is Just Right. And to utilize an archaic, deleted slogan, Just Do It.

Weaknesses: None.

Batteries Needed: 3 AA Battery

Clean Up: Soap and Water.

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