Terrorists Strike Santa Cruz, CA: Lord Help the Banana Slugs


When Animal Rights Nutters Attack

And You Thought Bloggers Were Bad

All right, ready to be a little scared America. Bombs are going off in California and on college campuses no less. Domestic terrorists, under the guise of being ‘animal rights advocates’ are firebombing on and off campus homes of research scientists.

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Basically two research scientists at UC Santa Cruz (Home of the Banana Slugs, made famous by a T shirt in Pulp Fiction) were attacked as part of a campaign to intimidate and terrorize those who do any research involving animals. According to the story, one of the scientists had to flee out his second story window with his wife and two small children after a firebomb was lit on his friend porch. The building’s sprinkler system and a neighbor with a hose helped keep the fire from spreading. One adult was treated for minor injuries and the children were unhurt. (Thought no unharmed. Imagine how fucking scary that shit is to a little kid.) Police are investigating the attack as “attempted murder” though frankly this should also be turned over to the FBI’s hate crime unit.
The second attack destroyed a car belonging to a researcher at his faculty housing unit on campus. ON CAMPUS! No one was listed as hurt in that explosion.
Four days before the attack local police obtained some threatening literature being passed out by animal rights nutbars in a Santa Cruz coffeehouse. The pamphlets listed the names and home addresses of UCSC scientists along with this charming message. Animal abusers everywhere beware. We know where you life.” One of the scientists on that list just happened to have his house firebombed four days later.
Oh and you’re going to love this. Jerry Vlasak, a spokesman for the North American Animal Liberation press office said the following. “It’s regrettable that certain scientists are willing to put their families at risk by choosing to do wasteful animal experiments,” Yeah go back and read that again. And read it AGAIN. The guy who was attacked works on mice as part of a research program on human eyesight. That’s right, he is literally trying to cure the blind and for that some assclown bombs his house with his KIDS inside? And on top of that, some equally douchey asshat spokesman blames the doctor for “endangering” his family? Tell ya what Jerry Vlasak, let’s plaster your name and home address all over some pamphlets and pass them out with some anti-asshole rhetoric and see what shows up on your front door. Better yet Jerry, when your mother starts to lose her eyesight do us all a favor, keep her FAR away from the doctors OK? Let her suffer in the dark while you hold her hand and explain why she should be proud of raising a son who defends cowardly fucks try to blow up families. What a fucking piece of shit this guy is.
Though police have no suspects, this is not the first time a Santa Cruz scientist has been the target of an attack. In February the home of a breast cancer researcher was the target an attempted invasion during the doctor’s young daughter’s birthday party. Masked (Cowardly fucks) protesters pounded on the front door and threw a punch at the researcher’s husband when he tried to chase the terrorists from home. Again no one was hurt. Unless you consider what it might be like for a child to have her birthday party broken up by a bunch of masked crazies who are angry that mommy is actually trying to cure cancer. How long before these assholes actually pick on a research who is packing? Show up in masks pounding on my front door and I might not try to chase you off. If your cause is so righteous and you are willing to attack researchers at home then why the masks? For the same reason the klan wore them perhaps? Look after what my mom has been through I don’t wish breast cancer on ANYONE, but if any one of these cowards should ever know or love someone stricken with the disease they better stay far, far away from the hospital. Through their actions they show that they don’t want a cure and should simply watch their loved one suffer. Better yet, take off the masks and let us see you (Oh God, now they all think their Batman) and maybe someone will storm your house and scar your child for life.
Other UC cities have been the target of similar attacks. Three UCLA researchers were targeted with firebombs. Two of the three failed to ignite, but terrorists…errrr ‘animal rights groups’ claimed responsibility for the attacks. Berkley researchers were also targeted at home, dealing with graffiti and broken windows as part of a campaign of terror designed to intimidate them out of the research field.
I actually just watched a documentary about these nutters a few weeks ago. It’s called “Your Mommy Kills Animals” (Available at DeepDiscountDVD.com) and it takes an in-depth look at that animal rights movement and all its levels. From those trying to help animals to those who want to free them by killing doctors and blowing up buildings. Many of the tactics discussed in the movie are clearly at play in the Santa Cruz case. It is a campaign of fear an intimidation with violence as an acceptable end. Oddly enough the whiny ‘stars’ of the movie, the ringleaders of the SHAC 7 really object to being called terrorists and liken their battle plan to that of the anti-abortion movement of the 80’s. You know, when right-wing pro-life nutters were going around blowing up clinics, chasing down doctors at home and even killing them. Guess what, it was wrong then and it’s wrong now. If you are going to act like a terrorist (Defined as one who practices terrorism which is “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion”) then quit bitching about being called on. The SHAC 7, the ALF and the ELF run websites that recruit people to commit arson, select targets and yes folks, make fire bombs. (Look them up.) Guys like convicted arsonist Rodney Coronado who goes around speaking on college campuses giving demonstrations on how to build firebombs. (They have great footage of him doing so in the documentary) and Kevin Kjonaas who throws up his hands and claims no responsibility when his web sites recruits terrorists who blow shit up. All they do is give them kudos when they are done. Of course this is the same Kevin Kjonaas who likes to call himself an abolitionist. Really Kevin? Seriously?
I’m getting off on a bit of a rant, but these guys piss me off. I’m not a fan of cruelty to animals. I don’t think the fur industry has any place in modern society. I won’t buy it and I’ll be happy to explain why to anyone who wants to hear it. But I do eat meat and do so happily. Sorry if that pisses people off. Maybe I’m a monster, but if it takes a million dead rats to cure AIDS, yeah I’m kind of for that. What I’m not for is fucktards handing out home addresses of people they don’t like hoping that other fucktards will go and blow their shit up. But that’s just me.


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