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Marc Wallice: My Take

Just One Guy’s Opinion

As some of you have noted, I have kept my opinions on the Marc Wallice situation to myself. Some of you noted that is seemed a bit out of character for me to sit quietly while Wallice was working (reportedly) as a director and while vitriol over a blog on my site fell down in buckets. Sorry for that folks. I was trying to be a good journalist. When the story first broke (Thanks to Den at about Wallice director for TT Boy’s company I had an initial reaction. Rather than run with it, I decided to attempt to communicate with someone directly involved with the story. I put out an open call for Marc, TT or anyone involved to discuss the matter and perhaps offer up some explanation. I would let their own words tell the story. Was I prepared to buy whatever story they gave? No of course not, but at least there would have been a story. I never expected Marc to contact me and talk about this situation. To my knowledge he hasn’t spoken on the record about it since it happened 10 years ago. I didn’t even really expect TT’s company to reply. We don’t exactly have a great working relationship. But I waited. I waited because opening up with my thoughts would absolutely kill any desire they might have to reply. I wanted my invitation for a fair discussion to be just that. In the meantime I asked Tina to blog on the subject and as these things do, they got blown out of proportion by people who either read half of what said or just blew them up because that’s their role in the world. With enough time now passed for me to assume that no reply is coming I’m going to express my opinions in the matter. I am going to do my best to keep emotions out of a very emotional issue. I am going to try very hard to stick to the facts even though I consider one of the victims in this situation to be a close personal friend. Just try and keep in mind folks, this is my opinion. It may differ from yours. My logic may differ from yours. I just hope we can all keep our heads and not resort to the sort of playground bullying that ends all possibility of intelligent discussion.

The Question on the Table

Let’s start by putting this issue into clear focus. Den reported that Marc was directing a movie for TT’s company. That same alias has been used before by TT’s company and by DVSX. To my knowledge we never confirmed if Wallice directed for DVSX so for the sake of this discussion let’s just say that Marc is directing movies in the adult industry. So the question is, should he be allowed to do so? We can widen it a bit because of what has been said. Should Marc Wallice be working in the adult industry in any capacity? As a director, an editor, a PA, a camera guy, whatever. That’s the question.

What We Know Vs. What We Have Heard
Let’s go with a brief history. About 10 years ago, Marc Wallice was found to be patient zero in an HIV outbreak that infected several female performers including Tricia Devereaux and Brooke Ashley. Since that time we have heard many things. He used a forged test. He knew he was positive and worked anyway. He had help from his agent, from directors, from the people in charge of the tests, etc. As Tina Tyler pointed out in her blogs, must of what we think we “know” is simply what we have heard through these various rumors. Knowing full well we can never really prove intent, let’s stick with the facts as we have them. Thanks to Tricia’s reply we now have solid word from someone involved that Wallice worked using a forged test. Let’s use that fact as a base. We can’t say for sure whether or not he knew he was positive or simply chose for whatever reason not to get a test. Does that make it all right? Of course not. Repeat, OF COURSE NOT, but we’re trying to really strip this down OK? So 10 years ago Marc Wallice worked with several women using a forged HIV test. He either knew he was positive and worked dirty or he simply didn’t get tested for whatever reason. Should these actions prevent him from working in the adult industry?
The Short Answer is Yes
Going back to what we know. Marc knowingly worked without a current test. He even went so far as to forge a test because he knew that working without one was not acceptable. Whether he did so knowing he had HIV (Which while still only conjecture on our part is a logical possibility) he broke what has to be considered a sacred trust. Performers on set put their lives on the line every time they shoot a scene. That is an ugly reality we gloss over far too often. To be fair, millions of people put their lives on the line outside of porn without any thought of testing. The testing process is there to protect people. It is there to save lives. Is it perfect? No. Is it enough? Great question for another time. It is vital however. It is someone that all performers must rely on and therefore this trust must not be broken. Based on what we know, Marc Wallice broke that sacred trust and he did so intentionally. He didn’t show up to set and say “hey I don’t have my test, is that OK?” He showed up with a forged test.
For breaking that sacred trust I don’t see how anyone could hire him in any capacity where he is in charge of a set. You don’t get a second chance to break this rule. How can any performer with full knowledge of what he did, feel safe and trust that the tests on Marc’s sets are legit? For the same reason we don’t let convicted pedophiles work with children later in life, someone who has messed with the tests in the past should not be in charge of them or the talent in any way. IMO that is the very minimum punishment for what we know he did. Best case scenario the man who broke that sacred trust should never be allowed to be in a position of power over porn performers. If it were my company I wouldn’t hire him in that capacity. Since it isn’t my company it is up to me as an individual to decide what to do as far as renting, buying or reviewing product from a company that hires Wallice in this or any capacity.
Why No Boycott?
Some people have questioned why I haven’t jumped right on boycotting TT’s movies and refusing to review them. I didn’t jump on that for the reasons listed above. I held off on such a statement in hopes they might explain. Even now I’m not going to stomp my foot and declare that I won’t review TT’s movies. Why? Because I don’t review them now. Making such a statement is a little empty in my eyes. He doesn’t send screeners and the only time I review his stuff is when they are included in the AVN Voting box or when I buy a title on my own. I certainly won’t be buying any titles that Wallice directed for the same reason I didn’t run out to watch “Powder” when it came out. (The director is a convicted pedophile.) I would even support consumers who wish to boycott companies that hire Wallice at this point. Knowing what we know I think that is a fair reaction.
What’s All the Hub-Bub, Bub?
Things got out of hand so quickly with this discussion. When I asked Tina to blog on her feelings I hoped they might spark discussion and debate. Removing emotion from a situation like this is impossible, but I still think she raised some interesting points. One of the things I respect most about Tina is that I can disagree with her on a point and still respect where she is coming from. Much of what has been passed around since that post people passing on what they heard. That’s rumor, like it or not. One does not have to be “defending” Wallice to point out that when someone says he “knowingly and intentionally” infected people is a rumor. We don’t “know” that he did anything on purpose other than forge a test. (Bad enough in my eyes) Even if one disagrees with Tina 100% some of the comments thrown her way are pointless playground bullshit. The best way to kill any sort of conversation is take it to the playground and start name calling.
The Big What Ifs
We listed above what we “know” and people already have their what-ifs lined up. What if Marc knew he was positive and knowingly worked with talent using a forged test? Well if that happened then I believe he should be criminally prosecuted. What is the appropriate charge? Assault with a DW? Attempted murder? Leave that to the legal experts, but I would want to see anyone who knowing exposes someone to HIV face charges. What if he works behind the scenes and has no power over talent? I think an argument can be made to allow that, but I wouldn’t make it. If it were up to me Marc would find a living somewhere else. Even if we want to believe the best possible explanation (And I’m not saying I buy that.) I think he should be working in another industry. That’s just my opinion though.

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