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Blog: Final Day of the Wallice Issue

Let’s Put This to Bed

I’ve taken some time to cool down before writing any more on Tina Tyler’s Marc Wallice blog, the subsequent quality responses, the stupid gossip replies and the misguided attacks by those who should know better. Tina followed up with something that was well-written and smart and still the same people refuse to actually read the words. (The irony there is that by not reading and continuing to respond emotionally they simply prove her overall intellectual point.) I have also got a response from Tricia Devereaux that will go up in a bit. Once again she provides us with much to think about and proves the one can agree harshly with a point without stooping to playground bullshit.
Before I get to that, let’s laugh a bit. Right now the attacks on Tina for her second post (Read it Here) where she refers to rumors and her blog on the Max Hardcore situation (Read it Here) where she admits to conflict over defending Max and his right to make porn. So now a bunch of people who haven’t read either post are picking up keywords and jumping on them. I am going to post Tricia’s words later and as far I am concerned what she says is what I know. That part won’t be a rumor, but people are still saying that Marc did this or Marc did that at SAME TIME they use phrases like “Didn’t so and so say this and that?” I hate to break it to people but asking if someone said sometime is not a statement of fact. Stating that someone said something (Assuming they did) might come closer. And before you go overheating your keyboards, I’m not defending Wallice on semantics. My position differs from Tina’s, but we have to appreciate the intellectual honesty required to stop our emotional reaction, separate what is fact from what is rumor (And not take what is written on Wiki as gospel truth.) On the Max stuff it is easier for me to laugh. Has people taken 90 seconds to actually read the piece they would realize that Tina defends Max right to make pornography despite some strong feelings about him personally, the tone of his movies and other problematic issues. Is it really too difficult for some people to understand that one can defend Max’s right to make a movie without agreeing with what he does. (Oh yeah and that takes us back the rumor aspect again. How about if we hate a guy for what he did, not what we think some people might have said about something he did to someone else.)
I realize the nature of blogs and those who comment to every blog with same response. It’s a game I’ve been a part of for 12 years. I would just rather take a few minutes to read someone’s thoughts, consider them and then reply. That’s why I have been waiting to make my own feelings on this issue the subject of a blog. I’m STILL waiting for a reply from anyone directly involved. For the record I never expected to hear from Wallice directly. I left the invitation open to anyone working for TT’s company to explain why they hired him and have heard nothing. Ditto Amber Lynn. I wanted to hear their side and let their words speak for themselves. I think enough time has passed that I may assume no such response is coming. So I’ll have my say and let that be end of it.
Now let’s get back to other things like good porn, off shore drilling the fact that I hit 100 web site reviews last night (With and hey, it’s fantasy football time.

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