Virtual Vivid Girls: The Love Twins


Virtual Vivid Girls: The Love Twins

MOVIE TYPE: Virtual Sex


DIRECTOR: Quinn Roberts





STARS: Lacey Love, Lindsey Love, Tory Lane

Vivid Entertainment


If virtual sex with one Vivid Girl is good, then virtually banging two of them should be twice as good. The Love Twins are the stars of this virtual adventure and there is a lot of ground to cover. There is even a little bit of a story behind it. The Twins couldn’t be more different. Lindsey is a good girl, still a virgin actually. Lacey is not so pure, a slut in fact and proud of it. The Twins land a babysitting job and get caught watching porn. That’s the basic set up that leads to the virtual sex. Since there are two girls, the good girl bad girl thing is pretty easy. They stay in character, making things pretty fun from start to finish. Beyond the usual fuck and suck action we get on a good virtual sex DVD we get some Twin action and a special appearance by Tory Lane. She pops in and does a whole lot of great stuff along the way. This is a very solid virtual disc with energetic sex and a great twist. The Twin thing works, Tory is a great addition and there are some bonus materials on the second disc. Expect to see this DVD on the list of Best Virtual nominees come year’s end.


There are already a number of options to explore. You can choose one or two girls, good or bad dialog and of course there are multiple angles available. Lacey helps teach her shy sister how to strip during “Good Girl.” Choose “Bad Girl to watch Lacey strut her schoolgirl stuff like a real pro. This is a hands on dance with some spanking and boob groping as well a s little finger sucking. It is easy to see how Lacey became known as the school slut. Tory Lane helps out with the two-girl strip. She introduces us to the virgin and the slut, spanking and licking them both. There is also a “Bonus” here that features Tory stripping. She is the girl you always wanted to fuck in high school, all grown up and ready to suck tease like crazy. The lighting is a bit wonky during Tory’s strip, but she is hot as always and gives us something special to enjoy as a bonus.

Tease You

Like the Strip section, the girls do solo tease sequences or work together. Lindsey is very coy as she gives us a look at her body. Both girls offer three areas of exposed flesh. Boobs, Pussy and Ass are all on display. Since the Twins look so much alike it is the glasses and shy girl attitude that separates them. Lacey is more aggressive with her tease. She talks dirty, slaps her own ass and wants us all to believe that she’s dying to be fucked hard and raw. As before, she likes things to be hands on and certainly has a lot to show off. She also brings her sister in for some two-girl tease. The bonus tease features Tory showing off her boobs and ass and then joining the Twins for some really sexy three-girl tease. If this doesn’t get you going then nothing will.

Tease Her

The Twins sit side by side for this segment. You can switch from good to bad girl without the other leaving the shot. As always Lacey is the dirty talking little whore while her sister reacts with wide-eyed wonder to the joys your fingers, tongue or toys can bring her. The finger and pussy eating shots are pretty much the same, with the latter being a slightly tighter angle. The dildo fun is really hot. Lindsey gets used to her toy like a shy virgin while Lacey wants a bigger dick fucking her. For any of the choices in this segment you can push a button and immediately make the girls cum. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) Tory’s bonus play includes some hot dildo fucking and a loud climax.


Just like the section, but the girls do it themselves. Lindsey explores her pussy with her fingers while her sister eggs her on. The finger action is quite different for Lacey who rams her fingers into herself and seems to be cumming almost from the start. She also tastes her pussy and fingers her ass. Lacey uses a big dildo and then a vibrator to fuck herself in doggy with her ass high in the air for us. Lindsey is slower to learn, but just as loud when she finally cums. Tory is back for dildo play, fucking herself silly with the big thick rubber dick. There is some very hot DP here as she double-dongs herself.


This section if filled with tons of sucking and fucking. It starts with a blowjob and Lindsey has to learn on the job. With the help of her sister she manages to do a really nice job. Lacey is much more aggressive and evens up passing the dick over to her sister. The double BJ thing is hot. Who wouldn’t love to have twins passing the meat back and forth? There are even two different popshots for the BJ. Lindsey shares a facial with her sister while Lacey does a bit of swallowing at the end of her oral adventure.

There are three sexual positions offered here, missionary, cowgirl and doggy. Lindsey plays up the virgin angle with her sister masturbating nearby. The fantasy aspect is high as Lacey guides the cock during all three positions. She feeds the dick into her sister and then masturbates while cooing encouragement. All three positions have their own cumshots. (From different dicks I believe.) Lacey is very loud and fucks hard. She also adds some “daddy” talk as the guy gropes her sister. Lindsey also helps put the cock in sis, but has to be told to do so. (See, she’s all innocent.) Lacey’s hottest position is probably cowgirl because she bounces that shaved pussy up and down so hard that it is a wonder she can stay on. She likes her ass smacked during doggy and always keeps her sister close by. Again there are three unique cumshots making this a complete fantasy fuck.

Yes Tory also fucks, giving us a POV BJ, Anal cowgirl and Anal doggy. It is a mini scene, but the anal action and the dirty talk are fantastic. For this one the cumshots all the same, right in her mouth.

Bonus Disc

This disc features the sisters riding the Sybian. Both girls take a ride and you can control the speed as well as make them cum at any point. (Multiple Angles here as well.) Great solo action on the machine here. Tory joins the fun for a three-way girl fest on the couch. She has as much fun fucking the Twins as any of us would. Raising the nasty level quite a bit, Tory licks ass, rams toys into her holes and basically proves that Lacey has a long way to go before she is a true school slut. We also get an extensive BTS reel to enjoy. Want to see the Twins talking instead of delivering lines this is a good place to start.

Vivid Entertainment

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