Reader Reaction: Chasey’s Train Wreck


Reader Feedback: Chasey Lain

Chasey’s Train Wreck Draws Comments

Yesterday I ran a blog with a couple of Youtube videos that Donny Long posted featuring Chasey Lain. In case you missed it the article is here. I opened the floor for reader comments and got two rather quickly. Here they are.

Rebecca Anderson of Adult Industry News comments (about both Chasey and my hometown musings) :

I just love your blogs, my friend. Know what you mean about the hometown changing, and I’m soooo charmed that your family owned a video store! Of course! Picturing you stroking the porn videos lovingly, the way Ralphie touches the Leg Lamp in A Christmas Story.
Poor Chasey…don’t know the whole story or really any of it, and don’t care to. I do agree that this is the peril of substance abuse just as much as anything else. Happens in every damn segment of every damn society, there just aren’t usually cameras around. I wish Shelley would take that factor into account instead of selectively martyring her for Lubben’s own crusade.

Rog Replies: Yes, that was me, sneaking back into the porn room whenever I could. I watched my first porn in that store (WPINK TV with Christy Canyon), stayed after many a night making VHS comps of my favorites (Christy, Ginger, Traci, Amber, Stacy. Ahh the good old days.) You are dead on re: Chasey. Ms. Lubben turns every bad thing that happens to anyone involved in porn and makes it about porn. I can’t agree with her on that. I know a lot of people who have dealt with drug issues who never set foot on a porn set. And I even know people involved in porn who have never touched drugs. (Me for instance.) Thank you as always for the comments and for being so damn hot.

Shem Writes:

Hey Rog,
Great work, still check in on a daily basis, love your blogs! Read your comments on Chasey Lain, and couldn’t help but chime in. She used to be of the hottest chicks in porn, now she looks more like someone on either meth, or crack. Seen both and neither one is pretty. Check out her hair, eyes, mouth and teeth, all telltale signs of substance abuse. Notice she couldn’t sit still either??!! Maybe there was some editing done, but that doesn’t make up for the way she looked or acted, she needs help soon, or your next Chasey blog will be an obituary. Very sad that this happens to anyone, hopefully someone will step in and get her on the right track!

Rog Replies: Thank you as always my friend. I agree with you 100%. Chasey was one of the most stunning women to ever get in front of the camera. Time and drugs have not been kind to her. You were dead on, sadly, about that last bit. The next time we hear a story about Chasey being dead it might well be true. I hope she gets some help soon. Otherwise she will end up in even worse shape than these videos show.

Jimmy Drama Writes:

I can’t watch more than a minute, I was so enthralled by her back in the day, way more than Jenna Jameson. I even remember her coming on myspace with the help of someone else and talking to her a couple times, she seemed nice and like she was getting her shit together Than I see her at AVN 2007, she looked good but not as good as she used to, now she is back in the same funk as we have heard about her before. I even remember Olivia O’Lovely hearing she was dead, and others confirmed the rumor, which later it got denounced, so it is obvious she has issues. I hope for her sake she cleans up, stays out of trouble and maybe go back to doing hot scenes, but in her case maybe just retires out and out.

Absolutely right Jimmy. Those videos show us that something very bad is happening to Chasey right now. She needs help and until she gets it we can only hope that her next bad day isn’t her last.

Thanks for all of the feedback. Keep it coming. Does anyone have any thoughts on Donny releasing these videos? What do you think his motivation was? Was it good or bad?

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