This site is a little different from the others in the Next Door family. Like the others, it is a site filled with non-exclusive material brought in from the outside. It focuses on a specific niche though and that should be interesting. The videos are all supposed to be security camera footage of real people having sex in semi-public places. There are lots of workplace scenes here. Horny couples can’t help but screw in waiting rooms, bored chicks masturbate when they think no one is looking and cars get waxed by naked asses and bathrooms gets used as sexual playgrounds. There are over 50 scenes here so if you like security camera action you will have plenty to enjoy. Since this is a very specific niche site, the bonus sites included in your membership might come in handy. 14 Next Door sites are included in your $14.95 membership so there is plenty to keep you busy for a long time.


Home: Like the other Next Door sites, this one has a great home page. It is very easy to get around and I appreciate that quite a bit. At the top of the page you can catch up on the rest of the Next Door family of sites included in your membership. Just below that is the list of all of the scenes. Each has a screen shot from the scene, a short description and direct links to the Photo or Video Gallery. As of the date of this review (7/21/08) there are 52 scenes on this page. Further down are links to the other sites in the network. From this single page you can easily access all you need. I love this simple, functional design.

Videos: There are just over 50 videos currently on this site. The video quality isn’t always great, but everything is supposed to look like security cameras. So it’s supposed to look like this. As usual, the videos are available in MPG or WMV format as complete scenes. They are also split into smaller chucks for faster download/stream times. Many of the scenes run close to 30 minutes, but they all downloaded quickly. The speeds on the small chunks are really great and even the bigger files came up quickly for me.

There are some interesting little scenarios played out here. A young woman finds an interesting way to use the veggie tray during her break at work. All sorts of office equipment gets used in interesting ways. There are huge titted brunettes sucking off guys in waiting rooms, lots of bathroom sex and more workplace sex than you can shake a stick. Want to know what strippers do in the dressing room on slow nights? It’s right here for you. There are also some voyeur shots of girls in showers that might fill another niche need.

Most of the scenes have no original sound so we get music in place of sexual noises. The angles aren’t always perfect, but that is part of the charm of the action. Perfectly shot porn ruins the fantasy aspect in this case.

There is a good mix of boy/girl and solo action on this site. The videos look authentic enough and provide great fantasy fodder.

Pictures: As always, each scene comes with a gallery. Most of them are vidcap galleries. The quality isn’t great, but you can’t expect much better considering the original material. There are a few extra galleries that are better quality shots. These are all up skirt sets with some very pretty girls..

Strip Poker: In case you get tired of watching hot girls fuck you can play this simple game and try to make the girls strip.

Extras: Want more? This site provides you with access to their other 14 “Next Door” sites. Your password gets you full membership in sites like

,,,, and even specialty sites like and This is a lot of extra bang for your buck and raises the overall value of the site considerably.

COST:There are three levels of membership available plus a trail.

Trial: $6.93/7 days

30 Days: $14.95/30 days

90 Days: Save $10 $34.95/90 days

180 Days: Save $31 $68.95/180 days

OVERALL: 89 of 100.: This is a very interesting collection of scenes. I found the security camera angle to be really fresh and kind of cool. It may not be the best smut from a technical aspect, but the fantasy play is really, really high. Throw in the higher quality still photos and you have one of the better Next Door sites to date. If you find that you don’t like the genre, there is plenty of bonus material to enjoy. With access to all of the other sites included in the fifteen bucks this is a great deal.

Models: 10 of 20 (Hard to Say Really)

Quality of Content: 12 of 20 (Niche Appeal)

Quantity of Content: 15 of 20 (Frequent Updates and Lots of Bonus)

Ease of Use: 17 of 20 (Easy to use, Good video download options)

Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Unique Niche Material)

Bonus: +5 for the additional 14 sites. It’s like a buck a site every month.

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