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It really is amazing to see how much stuff you can find on the internet once you get the ball rolling. Two weeks ago a reader wanted an ID on a muscular Asian girl with tattoos. I put the word out and a few days later thanks to an observant reader, we ID’d her as Jade Blue (Or Jade-Blue Eclipse.) Now we have even more info. Thanks to Les who is always great with his contributions, we have the following.

Les Writes:

Rog: from Wikipedia:
Jade Blue Eclipse is a former San Francisco-based performance artist/contortionist/acrobat born in Nagasaki, Japan. She was left behind by her mother at 13 in San Francisco, because Jade felt that she wouldn’t fit in in Japan (her mother wasn’t a US citizen)[1]. She supported herself as a bicycle messenger, stripper, and sex worker. She has appeared in a number of pornographic films, such as Asianatrix and Kung Fu Girls[2] even though her preference at the time was stated as being lesbian.

She became involved in circus performances as an acrobat, and Cirque du Soleil wanted to hire her for Zumanity, its Las Vegas show devoted to eroticism, acrobatics, and sensuality. She was unable to take the offer because she wasn’t an American citizen. She worked various jobs, but her immigration status prevented her from taking on any regular employment. Eventually she started her own crime scene cleaning business using the identity of someone who had died at birth in Hawaii. In August of 2006 she was arrested by a special agent with the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. She then fled the country, and is apparently on a spiritual journey in the Amazon

Thanks Les. That is some interesting reading and apparently Ms. Jade Blue is a whole lot more than just an Asian chick with tattoos who did some fucking. Excellent info and I thank you.

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