Rog Podcasts: 2016 XRCO Awards Nominations Part 4: The Petition

Rog Podcasts: 2016 XRCO Awards Nominations Part 4

Nominations for the 32nd annual XRCO Awards Show are out. (Visit for more info.) that means that it is time to take a close look at the list and discuss some of the very best XXX has to offer. As always, your feedback is welcome, appreciated and will help shape future volumes. Send your comments, questions or suggestions to or send them on Twitter @RogerTPipe. We are also open to sponsorship for the Podcast series. (Email me for sponsorship rates)

2016 XRCO Awards Podcasts Part Four: Part four of the XRCO 2016 podcast is sponsored by an anonymous contributor who wanted special recognition given to Jeff Vanzetti and for all they to for the XXX industry. It then discusses in detail the current petition regarding the XRCO and new categories. It is a full hour long and split into thee sections, A) Why the petition is a bullshit PR move to promote one person B) Why certain categories don’t currently exist in the XRCO and finally C) My personal recommendation on how the XRCO can improve and move forward.

2016 XRCO Awards Podcasts Part Three: Part three of the XRCO 2016 podcast is all about the 2016 Hall of Fame Class. After going over this year’s list which includes Hillary Scott, Joanna Angel, Steve Ornstein and Jeff Vanzetti and we break it down a little more. I go over a list of people I feel should be next up for Hall of Fame consideration.

2016 XRCO Awards Podcasts Part Two: Part two of the XRCO 2016 podcast picks up where we left off in part one and takes on the individual performer awards including Orgasmic Oralist, Superslut, Best New Starlet and of course Performer of the Year.

2016 XRCO Awards Podcasts Part One: In this first XRCO 2016 podcast we take a look at the categories for best Epic, Best Release, Best Parody (all of them) and awards focusing on Best Director.

2 Responses to “Rog Podcasts: 2016 XRCO Awards Nominations Part 4: The Petition”

  1. Don Houston says:

    I agree with the majority of the podcast. Apache George, an XRCO voting member, did however review more than “2 dozen TS titles” last year, probably close to 100 full titles, and as much as I think Theresa has long been supportive of the TS genre, during the last several years she has reviewed a handful (not “a lot”). To her credit, she has promised to step up her coverage in the future and as her places of employment appear to have cut back on specific genres, she was given an open invitation at XCritic to cover TS, BBW, BDSM and other areas not properly covered elsewhere.

    As far as the “Part C” suggestions, I join you in suggesting better vetting of who can/should nominate (and vote). And in terms of numbers, just like I would suggest any award category lacking at least ten really strong choices in a year be dropped, we should not include any award category that lacked ten clearly qualified voting reviewers. Maybe they need not be as strongly qualified as George is in TS or Rob is in BBW but certainly more than a few titles or scenes. As a reference point, Adult DVD Empire shows about 300 TS titles released last year and BBW about 110, so no, 5 reviews would not prove any sort of expertise.

  2. SSerranodvpr says:

    Thank you to Roger and Pipeline MM/RogReviews for an exceptionally insightful and productive podcast. I was happy to hear you mention the Webcam sector as well as Novelty/toy. Two very vibrant and growing areas of adult that represent a significant part of the “live adult experience” market.

    It’s refreshing to hear you call it like it is, and I think that’s important, so that a more sincere look at keeping the XRCO relevant to the current market climate can begin.

    Rock on Roger T!

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