Reader Email: More on Jenna Haze’s Ass


Reader Email: Jenna Haze’s Anal Prep

Chuck Wants to Know What Jenna Uses On Her Booty

Jenna Haze The First Rog Rules T Shirt Model
What is it about Jenna Haze’s ass that has you guys writing in? I got another email from a reader with a comment about the backside of Miss Haze and specifically how she gets it ready for her amazing anal scenes.

Chuck Writes

Hey Rog, do you happen to know which anal lube Jenna Haze uses for her butt penetrations? I would take the recommendation of an expert like her very seriously.Thanks in advance,

Hey Chuck. I don’t know what brand of lube Jenna uses on her butt. You bring up a good point though. Who better to learn from than an expert in anal exploration? I have forwarded the email to Jenna personally in the hopes that she will answer your question. In the meantime I would like to open it up to everyone else. Would any of you ladies like to chime in? What is the best lube for anal penetration with toys? With the real thing? Performers, directors, bloggers? What lube is most often used on sets? At home? There were are an informative topic of conversation for all to enjoy.

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