Rog Podcast: XRCO Nominations 2016 Part Two

Rog Podcasts: 2016 XRCO Awards Nominations Part 2

Nominations for the 32nd annual XRCO Awards Show are out. (Visit for more info.) that means that it is time to take a close look at the list and discuss some of the very best XXX has to offer. As always, your feedback is welcome, appreciated and will help shape future volumes. Send your comments, questions or suggestions to or send them on Twitter @RogerTPipe. We are also open to sponsorship for the Podcast series. (Email me for sponsorship rates)

2016 XRCO Awards Podcasts Part Two: Part two of the XRCO 2016 podcast picks up where we left off in part one and takes on the individual performer awards including Orgasmic Oralist, Superslut, Best New Starlet and of course Performer of the Year.

2016 XRCO Awards Podcasts Part One: In this first XRCO 2016 podcast we take a look at the categories for best Epic, Best Release, Best Parody (all of them) and awards focusing on Best Director.

4 Responses to “Rog Podcast: XRCO Nominations 2016 Part Two”

  1. Countess of Monte Cristo says:

    Was a good podcast, except the part where you think Riley Reid should be considered a Good choice for female performer of the year.
    While I concur she is a very strong performer, don’t we award single performances by acknowledging a movie title? Adding a sexual skill, and having it be part of a larger marketing blitz does not a FPOTY make.

    My two cents!

    • Roger T. Pipe says:

      Actually we award this trophy to the female performer with the best overall performance. Riley is cute, sexy, filthy and is one of the best performers in the biz, hands down.

      My 2 cents.

  2. Countess of Monte Cristo says:

    Hi Again,

    Oh, and will you and Angela White just hook-up already so we can move on? ☺

    Feeling the love coming my way…..hehehe

    • Roger T. Pipe says:

      From your mouth to God’s ears. Somehow I doubt if me hooking up with Angela White would get to me to “move on” though. I would imagine she is even better in person and that would only make her more worthy of the glowing praise I happily heap her way.

      Willing to give it a try is she is though.

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