Rog Podcast: XRCO Nominations 2016 Part One

Rog Podcasts: 2016 XRCO Awards Nominations Part 1

Nominations for the 32nd annual XRCO Awards Show are out. (Visit for more info.) that means that it is time to take a close look at the list and discuss some of the very best XXX has to offer. As always, your feedback is welcome, appreciated and will help shape future volumes. Send your comments, questions or suggestions to or send them on Twitter @RogerTPipe. We are also open to sponsorship for the Podcast series. (Email me for sponsorship rates)

2016 XRCO Awards Podcasts Part One: In this first XRCO 2016 podcast we take a look at the categories for best Epic, Best Release, Best Parody (all of them) and awards focusing on Best Director.

One Response to “Rog Podcast: XRCO Nominations 2016 Part One”

  1. Don Houston says:

    Nice job Roger!
    You covered a lot of ground here but here’s a few notes from the peanut gallery:
    I don’t think the system really leans to “splitting votes” as it uses a rank order, If one likes the Carter Cruise title more than the Riley Reid by the same company, they can rank them #1 and #2 rather than pick one as the sole pick.

    Barbarella was a comic book since before you were born (over 50 years ago), so it makes sense that it would be considered as a comic.

    Completely agree on parodies, combine them for only the strongest. The possibility of combining best feature with parodies makes me think just allowing parodies into features would make the most sense.

    Quantity versus quality: I think considering the weaker efforts of the directors/performers as well as their best is a fairer comparison. So if you really like a single title by a director or performer, for me it should be balanced against the lamer stuff by the same people.

    Web versus DVD: Agreed, there doesn’t seem to be a solid basis for which get nominated in which at times.


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