Blog: Playboy Radio Tonight, XRCO Tomorrow & Heat


Blog: Notes from a Blackout

Playboy Radio, XRCO and Heat

Blackout: OK, it’s not really a blackout, but a planned outage by Southern California Edison. They have the power off around here for an indeterminate amount of time. It is supposed to last from 8am to 11am. They got the 8am part right, but we will see about the 11am. Last year it was supposed to be out intermittently between 8am and 4pm and I was without power until around 7pm. We’ll see what happens. It is just truly amazing to me how little I can around here without power. Yes I can turn on the laptop and bang out a blog or a review or even work on transcribing an interview. With the modem down though I can’t update the site, upload this blog entry, check email or do any one of three dozen things I normally do every day. I can’t even get to the most pressing non-work item on my “to-do” list, clean the garage. I would love to spend an hour in there right now, but the door won’t open so I’m without light and air. If I knew for sure it was going to be out longer than the 3 hours they mention I would sneak off to see 21. On the positive side, they are doing whatever they are doing early. With temperatures pushing 100 degrees around here for the past few days, it is a really good thing they’re getting it done before it gets too hot.

Eye Candy: I just reviewed Big Tits at School 2. It will be up soon. In the meantime Enjoy Nikki Benz showing off her big tits at school.

Playboy Radio: I will be doing a guest review tonight on Night Calls with Christy Canyon and Vanessa Blue. Not sure what I will be reviewing yet, but I’m sure we will come up with something. Tune in to Sirius Radio channel 198 tonight and let me know what you think.

Eye Candy: While you’re listening you can enjoy Vanessa Blue working her magic with Lexington Steele.

XRCO: My planned day in the Valley before the XRCO has hit a snag. My grandmother goes in for her first round of chemo on Wednesday and really needs my mom there to get her through it. Since my mom was going to watch the kids while I hit the Valley, I’m going to have to head up there later than planned. No big deal. I’ll miss a few on-sets, but it’s for the greater good. I’m still going to meet up with a few people for dinner beforehand. Mike John is going to meet me for a beer and to pick up his trophies. Apparently he’s going to bring along Tim Von Swine and at least one lovely lady. I’m also hoping to hook up with Ryder Skye for a quick interview. Then it’s off to the show where I hope to have a great time. XRCO is always special to me. As a voting member I enjoy seeing it grow and seeing how many more on-line critics are now part of the process. We all owe Den ( a huge thank you for that. And yes I will try to take pictures. I just tend to forget when I’m having fun. I need to hire me a photographer like Monstar so I can party and get work done.

Eye Candy: Sexy Savannah wants size, So she goes after the and ends up with Ramon.

Heat: 103 in Fullerton? In April? Dude, that’s serious heat. That’s a record of course and then they say it’s going to be in the mid 60’s by tomorrow. Crazy weather. I was ready to take an hour off and head to the community pool the other day, but they don’t heat the damn thing until Memorial Day. Instead I’m just hanging out with the fans on. No AC for me. I’m doing my part to stay green. Last year the AC stayed off until September 1st which was great. Our electric bills were down 40%. I think if I try that this year, Mrs. Rog might just kill me though. And with that, we go full circle. Looks like SCE has the power back on so I can upload this and some new reviews.

Eye Candy: Here is a video gallery from Smash Pictures’ new web site

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