Black Beast in the Far East

Black Beast in the Far East


142 Mins.

Juicy/Depth Entertainment

DIRECTOR: John E. Depth

THEMES: Interracial sex, Asian Girls




STARS: Nyomi Marcela, Jessica Bangkok, Tia Thomas, Max Mikita, Kayme Kai & John E Depth


This movie is basically five scenes between John E Depth and Asian girls. They try to add a little story to it. John is captured by Jessica Bangkok and told that he must get through the five challenges to prove his worth. It has that James Bond/Bruce Lee feel, but it’s thin, really thin. There is no real order to the levels so it is basically just John fucking five girls. That wouldn’t be bad if the girls were hot or the sex sizzled. Neither is true though. The girls aren’t bad and a few of them are worth watching. Nyomi is the best known of the bunch. This is a pretty good scene from her. Max is a very sexy woman who turns in a pretty good scene. The rest of them are a mediocre mix of MILFs and energy free young girls. Depth doesn’t do much to make things better. He’s got a big dick, but he struggles with wood and has yet to show us that he can get a good scene from an average performer. Had he been able to do that this movie might have been better. When you throw some really uninspired camerawork there just isn’t much here to recommend. Obviously it has specific niche appeal for people looking for Asian girls being fucked by big black dicks. Even for this niche, there are better titles.

Kayme Kai

The first mistress to challenge John’s staff is Kayme. She shows up with her hair up and a tight black dress on. Without a word she drops to her knees The loud waterfall in the background is a distraction, but it helps hide the fact that he is the only one making any noise in this scene. She has to use two hands for more of the blowjob, but has little energy working for her. The go inside where it is suddenly quiet and Kayme is instantly more vocal. Once that cock gets inside of her, she is moaning and growling like she means it. The best looking footage comes when she gets into reverse cowgirl and pushes off with her feet. It is a tight fit and when she pulls it out to suck it, the dick is half limp again. Once she sucks it hard, Kayme gets back on top and things get goofy. John is flashing signs with his fingers, wagging is tongue back and forth like he’s having a seizure and screaming at her. I don’t think “what the fuck” quite covers it. After that they roll into spoon where she does all the screaming while he robotically moans “yes” over and over like a mantra. The scene goes on way past the point where it has become boring then we get a really awkward cut o an odd facial. It has some moments and will appeal to the core audience, but this scene is lacking.

Max Mikta

One down, but now John has to take on Max. He tries to sneak up on her, but ends up handcuffed and bosses around the by lovely Asian with the nearly shaved heat. She tosses him down and goes to work on that cock. It takes both fists and her mouth, but she manages to cover every inch with spit as she drools down his shaft. Max makes great eye contact with John, but we never get to see that because the camera is in the wrong place. Most of the footage is fine, but we miss out on the really good stuff. She climbs on top and the camera zooms on her pussy stretched around his cock. Whoever shoots these scenes for Depth gets most of the good stuff, but you can really see what a difference a skilled camera operator makes. Max is a hot performer who loves it deep. John gives it to her that way, pumping away on that sweet Asian snatch and earning his reputation as a big gun. She makes it fun to watch as he nails her mish and then dribbles out a barely visible pop onto her belly.

Tia Thomas

Tia is all done up in Dragon Lady make up and is blowing smoke when we first see her. She replaces the cancer stick with a his big cock, but alternates between the two. This gives her a chance to gently blow smoke all over her his cock as she sucks him off. The fetish appeal is high here, but it makes me even less interested in this scene that I was before. Tia isn’t bad looking and has really nice tits. She just doesn’t bring a lot of energy to the table and John can’t bring much out in her. They try to pick it up with reverse cowgirl but just sort of limp on to the end with a pop on her boobs.

Nyomi Marcela

This girl looks right at home in her red silk dress and happily gets to work on John’s long pole. She licks the shaft through his pants and gets her tiny hands around it. Sometimes Nyomi kind of goes sex zombie on us, but she does a pretty nice job this time around. She seems fascinated by that big cock and rubs her pussy while she stares at. It is wet and ready, but still that pussy is a tight fit. Showing much better energy than normal, the little Asian princess gets into reverse cowgirl and slides her wet pussy up and down the full length of his pulsing prick. Nyomi leaves her dress on for part of the scene and then finishes p with just her heels on. John gives her all he’s got and then unloads on the smooth skin of her chest. With only one challenge left, does he have enough in the tank to survive?

Jessica Bangkok

The big boss lady has to try and finish him off herself. Not quite as cute as Nyomi, Jessica still has a great big smile on her face as she attacks that big cock. As we have seen throughout the movie, the camerawork is sloppy and out of position for at least half of the blowjob footage. John lets her suck for a while and then bends her over. This is the final challenge? From the way she’s moaning and getting slammed I would say that this battle is over before it even gets started. There are some decent shots of the action here, but they don’t really get the most figure flattering angles of Jessica’s big round ass. In the middle of the action he starts shouting at her and then talking to her pussy. I’m not really sure what he’s going for, but what should have been a decent scene between John and this Asian MILF is ruined because he’s off doing something else. Jessica keeps up her energy throughout the scene and that saves this from being another totally forgettable pairing. To point out that the scene goes on for way too long would be an understatement. By the time he leaves his load all over her ass you have to wonder if the crew was into double time.

Bonus: None

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