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Holiday Weekend, The Final Four & I Have Arrived

Holiday Weekend: So it begins. That final rush to get everything done before Christmas. Not me. Not this year. I finished up on Thursday thanks to eight hours of shopping. Can’t really complain. It was crowded, but that is to be expected. I found what I wanted, spent only slightly more than I should have and can actually say that I have the weekend free to update the site rather than fight crowds. I even managed to pick up a little something for myself. I didn’t even know that Wonder Woman – The Complete Third Season was out on DVD. So that was my present to myself. I hope that those of you who still have shopping to do over the weekend will find the patience to survive. Just remember, it’s the spirit of the season that matters. Oh and remember also…I’m done!

Eye Candy: We’ve got some eye candy from a new site called Phat Latin Booties Bet you can’t guess what they specialize in.

Final Four: We got the voting up and running for the finals of the Fan Faves. Since the holiday week is going to keep people off their usual schedules, the voting will be extended a bit. I’ll do a full write up over the weekend, but there aren’t a lot of shockers here. I think we’ve got some pretty strong categories this year. Thank you to everyone who has voted this year and good luck to everyone.

Eye Candy: Tis the season….Happy Holidays from up Keri Sable’s skirt.

I Have Arrived: I have been reviewing movies for better than eleven years and has been on line for nine, but something happened this week that makes me feel like I have arrived. No, not a hall of fame induction. Not my first POV scene, not even my first sex with a porn girl (or Asian chick). Any of those would be great, but I had a double dose of internet fun. First I found out that all of the links to my site on my MySpace profile are not working. At first I just figured that I had done something wrong with my HTML. (That happens a lot.) Instead I found out that MySpace censors links from profiles to certain adult sites. I tried to enter a few and found that mine was one of the banned sites. So there you go. You are not able to link from MySpace profiles to As if that weren’t enough, I found out today that I have a page over on Wikipedia. You can read the page here. No, I didn’t write it, but I have read it over. It’s very, VERY odd reading stuff like that about myself. There are a few little tweaks here and there, but for the most part it is a good start. The two people who wrote it contacted me today and asked if there was anything that I would like to see added. I think that a section that is solely about the web site might be nice. When it started, how many reviews, interviews and all that. Also maybe some of the guest writers have stopped by and maybe some other tidbits. I would also like to see them add in some positive things. There was a bit of time spend on feuds and that seems important to some people. Let me know what you guys think might be important to add to the history of the site.

Eye Candy: Another holiday themed gallery. All I want for Christmas is Jamie Lynn and her hot twin friends.

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