Shane’s World 39: Casey’s Pool Party

Shane’s World 39: Casey’s Pool Party


155 Mins.

Shane’s World


THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Bikini Girls




STARS: Casey Parker, Tommy Gunn, Mysti May, Jack Venice, Mia Bangg, Justice Young, Kelly Wells, Lexi Love, Johnny Castle, Cali Cassidy, Donny Long, AJ Bailey


Beautiful young Casey Parker knows how to throw a party. It isn’t that hard really. You take a bunch of hot people; throw in a pool, some good food and maybe a little alcohol. Bring along some cameras and you have the latest edition of Shane’s World. The company that virtually invented party gonzo turns their top girl loose on a few of her closets friends and she responds well. Actually she has so many hot friends along for the ride that Casey doesn’t have to carry the action. I suppose that is good for her, but not so good for us. Not that we are going to complain about watching Mia Bangg fuck. She’s definitely a hottie. But this is a Shane’s World movie with Casey Parker in the title. We are expecting to see our favorite party girl do more than just throw water balloons and serve sandwiches.

Casey Parker & Justice Young

After some water volleyball and topless fun, Casey gets down to some serious action. She finds a nice hard cock and sucks it. Using the water to get playful as she blows him, Casey puts on a really good show. She strokes, sucks, teases and smiles her way through. He lifts her up onto the edge of the pool and slides his dick right up into her pussy. The doggy looks pretty good, but the most impressive thing about this footage is the raw energy at play. She turns around and squats on his dick. The camerawork gets a little shaky, but the position is great and Casey is working like crazy to make this cock explode. He pulls his dick out and shoots a big load all over her stomach. Hot outdoor action from a girl who always looks like she is having a ball.

Mysti May & Donny Long

Mysti grabs Donny and takes him around to the side of the house for a little privacy. She strips him down and sucks that big cock with a lot of hand action. I would say that this little cutie is rather fond of the long dong. She strokes is with a smile and then backs herself down onto his lap. Her enthusiasm actually increases when she starts riding his dick. Maybe because it’s banging into her cervix and she’s trying to keep from exploding. It does seem a bit too big from her at times, but she manages to make it through in one piece. Bent over and filled, she turns around and starts talking serious shit to Donny. Even with all of her big talk, Donny manages to drive her half insane with deep strokes. He finally pulls out and shoots a big load all over her body.

Mia Bangg & Tommy Gunn

Mia hops out of the pool and wraps her lips around Tommy’s cock. The conversations going on all around them are quite loud, but not enough to drown out her gagging. Mia is very good with her tongue as she licks him up and down. I love Mia’s body in a bikini, but she is even hotter out of the flimsy suit and riding Tommy’s dick. She’s got a great ass and Tommy zooms right in on that, fucking her hard between the cheeks and letting her ride it for a while. When she is on top, we get a chance to see her tits bouncing. They are every bit as impressive as her ass so she’s good from any angle. Tommy bangs her ass for a while and Mia responds with solid sexual energy. In between positions she sucks him clean and then hops back on. She rides hard with her great tits bouncing all over the place and then rolls over for a mish finish. Tommy shoots his load on her face. Mia is probably the hottest anal slut in this movie so don’t miss this scene.

Casey Parker & AJ Bailey & Cali Cassidy

The pretty blondes decide that they need to have some fun with the slip n slide. Their game is cute, but the pile of hot, wet chick flesh is even hotter. Outdoor sex, wet hair, hot girls, finger fucking. What more could you want? (Assuming you like girl on girl on girl on slip n slide action of course.) Casey seems quite at home working with girls and steals the show here. She has the other two girls eating out of her hand and eating out her pussy. They move over to the pool to cool off and the licking never stops. For people who want to see girls getting each other off with fingers and tongues, this is a great little three-way boff. I love the outdoor action and the water, but we need to see Casey get fucked again.

Mysti May & Lexi Love and Johnny Castle

Swimming makes Johnny horny so he drags Mysti and Lexi back to the couch for some fun. Lexi bends over and with both of her co-stars eating her she says “I feel like a buffet. All you can eat baby.” As before Mysti is very vocal and talks like a complete hose beast. They pass the cock back and forth and at times the screaming is almost distracting. Did I hear “this mouth blowjob stuff is ok, but I want….” Mouth blowjob? Is there another kind that I’ve been missing out on? (Yea, the married blowjob which is done entirely in the mind of the wife as she’s doing anything but sucking dick.) Even with all that talk, the visual beauty is what stands out. Check out the ass footage during this enthusiastic round of cowgirl. Wow. Mysti definitely likes to talk a lot of shit while she is being fucked and even more when she is watching her friend get the dick. The shouting fuck fest ends with a big shot all over both bodies. This is crazy energy that might even be a little bit too much.

Kelly Wells & Jack Venice

Kelly is the only girl who hasn’t been fucked so Jack takes her into the water. They are quickly joined by others though and we end up with a mini-orgy in the Jacuzzi. It is very nice to see Mia Bangg back in action for a second round. Kelly bends over the side and offers her holes up for anyone who wants to fuck them. She also readily gives head and pokes her tongue in there while Mia is being fucked. This is another scene with a lot of screaming. Kelly is quite well known for this and anyone who loves her for it will be in for a great time. She gives up her ass, proclaiming at one point “you’re defiantly going to remember this ass.” Yeah I kind of doubt it. There is just nothing realistic or sexual about
Kelly’s act. It’s just so mechanical and joyless, I don’t know. I could be way off. Mia is there to kind of save things, but this is not the strongest scene of the movie and leaves us on a bit of a down note. Kelly and Mia swap cum at the end. Party’s over folks.

There is a bonus scene between Jack Venice and Faith that is pretty hot. The intro is creepy though. Here is a guy up on rape charges telling everyone to “not give up when a girl says she’s isn’t in the mood.” During the scene she even plays that role. Look, it’s mild and I know they shot this before, but it just looks bad. Her resistance goes away quickly and sex is very good. Faith is such an underrated performer and ends up taking a nice shot on her pretty face at the end.

Casey shows, up lights up the screen and then vanishes from the sexual action for a while. She comes back and gives a very hot three-way lesbian scene. The rest of the action is carried by the rest of the cast. They do a fine job, but we really want to see more of Casey. Mysti gets wound up in two scenes and nearly goes overboard with the dirty talk. (Didn’t think that was possible.) Kelly takes it over the top as usual, but does provide anal action. Mia also works that ass for us and does a really good job. I love the outdoor action and the stuff in the pool. As most of us are dealing with cold weather, this pool party is a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine. It reminds us of hot days, hotter girls and great sex. This is a good movie that just needs a bit more Casey Parker to make it a true summer blockbuster.

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