Michael Moore Is Still A Jackass


It seems that more fans of Mike’s read this site than actually ever watched him on TV. Dude, if you got this much love from the general public, you wouldn’t have been fired so many times.

It’s so funny because I’ve been staying away from anything not related to porn for months now. I’ve been doing political writing for other sites, under a pseudonym so I’ve kept it X rated here. In response to reader email, I’m going to start putting some of it back. Based on the fun email that’s come in so far, it’s going to have to continue.

Yesterday I took a little shot at Mikey Moore for his ridiculous speech at the Oscars. It seems that many people felt the way I did, that he knew what he was doing and used the chance to make an ass out of himself. There are some who didn’t like the piece though and it’s pretty clear that they feel that free speech is something that only fat, failed filmakers are allowed, not chubby, never-were, failed point guards are not. Viva la Free Speech, but only if we say what ya want to hear eh?

Here is an example of the positive email:

T Writes: I appreciate your support of the troops and your telling of the truth about these idiots in Hollywood. They never seemed to have ANYTHING to say when their hero, Bill Clinton, used the military. Hypocrites!!

God bless the troops, god bless freedom and here’s to a slow and painful death for the Butcher of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein!

Rog Replies: I don’t know what to say. Of course I support the troops. They are doing their jobs and protecting our freedom. I don’t think Mr. Moore was speaking out against the troops. If he did that, I’d have really taken a shot at him. I just think he was the one asshole in a room full of celebs who actually did something that distasteful. I support his right to say what he said, but I don’t have to think he’s anything but what he is. As for the Clinton bit, you’re right and so far no one has been able to answer that one. I think “hypocrites” is a bit harsh though, I’d like to keep this a little tamer. I appreciate your support and your comments. Finally, on the slow death part, I don’t wish that on anyone, but rather hope for a more peaceful leader when all of this is over.

Not everyone is so happy with me it seems.

MH Writes: less politics, more interviews. just my personal opinion. maybe others who read the site like your political commentary. i hate it. just being honest. we get it, we get it, you are a republican.

Rog Replies: Actually, that’s not quite right. I’m actually more of a libertarian, so maybe people don’t get it. And for what it’s worth, the email is 25 to 1 in favor of more. If hearing an opinion that doesn’t jive with yours bugs you, feel free to skip over the news and read the interviews. There are plenty of those coming.

And in an even louder voice, Simon writes: dude.

i check out your site on a daily basis and appreciate the great work you

do on your site. but hey, if you kept all your fascist shit like the war-protesters-and michael-moore-bashing for yourself, people might not realize you gotdonkey shit for brains and just give you props for your site.

Rog Replies: Thanks for the input. Wow, a lot of anger there.

I did a little check to make sure I read this right and here is what we get. Somehow, me visiting a protest rally and taking issue with things Mikey had to say constitutes “fascist shit.”

Webster’s defines “Fascism” as: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

I don’t see anything there that fits. I exalt the individual above all else, support de-centralized government, elected leaders, little economic and social regulation and obviously (by the printing of this email) support opposition rather than suppress it.

I support the protesters right to march, to dress up like boy scouts and look ignorant. I also support those who have actual reasons for taking part in an anti-war movement. (As opposed to a policially motivated Anti-Bush rally wrapped in the blood of innocents like they care.) I even support Michael Moore’s right to bash the President all he wants. He has that right, just as I have the right to state my opinion that he looked like a jackass doing it. He’s got a web site that gets pretty good traffic (25,000 or so on his Alexa ranking) and he uses that site to express his views. I can certainly do the same on mine yes?

If doing so means that I have “donkey shit for brains” then one might wonder if you have fascist leanings yourself. Not saying that I think that, just that one might :-)

Thanks for the props you would have given me if I had just kept my pesky opinions to myself.

Chill the fuck out y’all. This is a free country right? Mikey can spout his shit and I can reply. The Dixie Chicks can have their say and people can buy their music or burn it. I never said that Mike couldn’t have his say, that’s up to the producers of the show. I think the overwhelming boos show how even the most liberal audience feels about that kind of sissy-tough grandstanding. I think we should all have our say and I’ve given voice to a few emails here. You don’t have to agree with me and you don’t have to read the non-porn stuff. It’s a free country and a pretty free site.

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