A Bit On The Oscars


Michael Moore ss a bloody jackass. Thank GOD enough people in that crowd booed. Look brother, you’re a phoney. You’re a low-talent film maker who lucked into a his with Roger & Me and you’ve been floundering around ever since. Most people with as many failures as you have had would just realize that they are lucky to get work, but not you. Congratulations Mikey, that sound you heard as you left the stage was the little bit of credibility you have left being flushed down the toilet. If Susan Sarandon (Who at least has a freaking brain) could keep her mouth shut for one night, then maybe you should have figured it out. Jackass.

Oh and bright boy, check something for me. Since the President was “not elected” please show me ONE re-count to back up your point? (And yes Mike, there was one,so when you find it, let’s compare it to the 15 others and see how it stacks up.) There were three before the SC decision, 2 after and 10 press re-counts. Time to buy a calendar Mike, it’s 2003.

Beyond that, what is there to say about the Oscars…I love movies, but I hate the show, hate it with a passion. I worked through the show this year just to be down with S for a while.

Oh….Babs having to choke down the words when she announced that Em won an Oscar was outstanding….too bad he didn’t get to perform.

Beyond that….Chicago? Really? Wow.

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